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>FASHION | 25.04.2023

Shine is the biggest trend of the moment and we can prove it!

If the idea is to go unnoticed, it is not going to work! The ballet flats and bags from Moleca promise zero discretion and extreme power just by stepping out of the house


It's all taken, it's all over the place The eighties vibe is back and loaded with sparkle. Just take a look at the influencers' feeds, catwalk hits, and the most authentic urban fashion shows, the very street style, overloaded with sequined pieces, mirrored discs, metallic yarns, and maximalist cut-outs dipped in glitter and an excess of brightness. The glittering outfit has taken its place in fashion, and without the exclusivity of showing up only in nightclubs. Our power girls know it well!


The order is to play with the dress code without restrictions and fashion rules to create zero obvious combinations and a cool & glam signature in all propositions, be it a look studded with glitter or contrasting with classics, such as a white shirt or T-shirt. This season, extravagant productions do not intimidate, on the opposite, they win the preferences of women who are not afraid to draw attention.


Boldness without limits


Moleca takes advantage of the most coveted aesthetics of the season to create the perfect styling in its crushes. In fact, here it is a double podium. One of the must-have shoes in the closet of the feminine audience, the ballet flats - revolutionary and most celebrated comeback - arrive in slim (pointed toe) and doll (rounded toe) versions with refined finishing in originally shiny bows, the highlight of the whole look. Oh, and the result looks amazing on ballet flats in neutral shades, such as black and off-white.


But here are plenty of possibilities to put your look in the spotlight, girl! The mini crossbody bags deserve full appreciation for the application of a glitter-coated cover, magnet closure, and buckle with the brand's initial "M" in silver. We recommend the two key shades, black and off-white, which boost compositions to the highest level of gracefulness and exuberance!


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