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>FASHION | 02.06.2023

Jeans have won\': get ready with this universal maxi-trend!!

How are you? Around here everything is pretty blue, always! Proof? We've got it! Come see how cute are the designs in the shade of jeans from Moleca


Hey girl, I'm sure you have in your closet one of the main timeless trends, a fashion trademark for decades, and a promise of success with a taste of novelty in 2023! We are talking about an iconic material, a protagonist in the outfits of millions, adopted by many people on this planet every single day, and a fever in the Y2K aesthetic - an influence from the early 2000s - in which emotional memories were rescued and wrapped by fashionistas. No more suspense, that's it: jeans have never been so present! Now it is stealing the scene, winning new territories such as footwear and handbags.


The jeans trend is taking the lead in street style to the top of the charts. This season, we will see and love - in Moleca's collection - both pieces exhibiting various washes of the fabric, and shades that stylize the most acclaimed trend of the moment. To open the fashionistas' work, we chose the jeans nuance - a soft blue, which resembles the delavê (light blue), openly flirting with the candy color chart, another aesthetic on the rise.


Jeans mood: yes, of course, right away!

The more options for different washes, the better! After all, the all-jeans style has never been so trendy, and joining the game can make your look very cool, believe me! Proof of this is the powerful looks paraded by influencers like Hailey Bieber, Jessica Alba, and Kendall Jenner. And Moleca is there to contribute with must-have handbags and shoes, revering the denim proposal and enhancing the looks with a precise minimalist touch.


Moleca makes an authentic translation of the fusion of balletcore with the democratic world of jeans in the creation of a square-shaped ballet flat full of attitude, acclaimed by the feminine audience, and striking styling with a shiny maxi-bow. The sneaker - which is pure chromatic flaunting - is the new trump card to coordinate with urban compositions. And to accomplish the mission of the most stylish, it is worth having around the bags with the wish-shapes of the moment: you can opt for the bucket bag or the tote bag either with handles or crossbody straps, and floater finish, which reproduces quilting. Is it a 'favorite' or not, huh?



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