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>FASHION | 25.03.2022

The matches for your style

Moleca has incredible novelties that are coming to the stores, so you can update your look. Come here to know the highlights!

Square flat

The square format is the trend that has been dominating the female audience's preference. With its flashy look, it has invaded the looks and celebs love it, whether in events or even in the day to day. And this is one of the trends most worn by the famous, by names such as Bruna Marquezine and Fiorella Mattheis.

At Moleca, this novelty appears in flats and is associated with elements such as knots and colors that refer to nature, earthy tones, and that today, are very present in the feminine look, since the subject predominates in our lives.  And to complete the style, the straps are padded, adding more comfort to our looks.

Sports shoes

We have already mentioned here on the blog about the versatility of a good sneaker. And besides the fact that this shoe has brought more freedom of style to women, since they can associate with dresses, suits, skirts, in short, it opens up space for a thousand and one possibilities of productions. Impossible not to love these models, right?

And to renew our love for casual sports shoes, Moleca has prepared novelties in the mix between pink and orange, which is a fashion success and one of the most requested trends when it comes to sneakers. And the details are exciting, such as the apparent seams for an always fresh look and referencing the DIY fashion (do it yourself), another trend super posted on social networks.


Mule is one of the darlings among women and one of the most liked models on social networks. After all, it gives total freedom to the feet and, at the same time, prints that fashion and cool attitude that we always want in our outfits.

Want to know what is a trend? Cream colored shoes, which became the new neutral of the season! Yes, it is a trend color and is a great option for you to invest by serving as a basis for coordinating more intense shades. And the heart-shaped chains add even more femininity.

Monochrome ballerina

Women are such ballerina fans, that it is practically impossible to find one that does not have at least one pair in the wardrobe. Even more so now, when we are living and experiencing new ways of living and dressing for life. The ballerina offers comfort and fashion in the exact measure, as well as leaving us always well-dressed.

And Moleca has reserved a series of novelties that turn heads and the outfit: the ornament that receives the same hue of the ballerina! Creating a chromatic effect full of personality and with a timeless touch. I.r.r.e.s.i.s.t.i.b.l.e!

So, what's your favorite match? Tell us! Oh, and keep an eye on @moleca_official, to see the releases of the new collection first hand! Kiss.


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