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>FASHION | 05.05.2023

Can you bet on a comeback with a bold update? Not only you can. You must!

It's hot! Moleca has prepared a surprise to present a hot trend to stir your closet in all seasons


A good trend goes beyond time, gives new meaning to fashion, and attracts different audiences, right? There is a giant trend, targeted by both millennials and generation Z, with strong influence from the disco era in the 1970s, making a big splash this season. Tip: The fashionista duo has already dominated the international fashion weeks - on the catwalks and in the front rows of the main fashion shows - and has also hit the nightclubs and street style. So, stay tuned for this hit rescued by the it girls and a great ally to upgrade your cool look. So, did you find out which successful duo we are talking about?


Well, before the revelation (we love a thriller!) here's some more information about this aesthetic: the characters Darlene (Deborah Secco), from the soap opera Celebridade, in 2003, Babalu (Letícia Spiller), from Quatro por Quatro, in 1994, and Julia (Sônia Braga), from Dancing Days, in 1978, made history by sharing this style. Now it's easy! Whoever remembered the hypnotic duo sandals and socks was right! This iconic mix was also adopted by the influencer Kendall Jenner, on the red carpet of the Cannes Festival, and is a trademark of some of the looks of the pop queen Madonna.


Hot or not? Absolutely awesome!

If there is any definition in fashion it is the intense desire to prioritize comfort in any dress code. And Moleca always meets the requests of the girl power, focused on following the fads of the moment without losing originality. Moleca brings here a proposal inspired by this reference, but with an irreverent update, presenting several macro-trends.


Starting with the flats and the fisherman sandals, which by themselves grant originality and a lot of personality to the production. The nappa turin versions, associated with the fun touch of high colors - neon pink, cerulean blue, Sicilian yellow, magenta and lilac - are a perfect match, in the best sense of it, of the glam socks also colored (detail of lurex finishing with silver yarn incorporated into the weft and the polyamide manufacturing, responsible for the silky and soft effect) to harmonize with the funny mood.


For those who prefer, you can opt for flats in neutral shades, such as black and nude, and black socks with shiny points, a necessary must-have. Another suggestion is to invest in a very cool color blocking, contrasting shades or in a monochromatic composition, combining the shade between your favorite Moleca flats and socks. Now, all you have to do is play with your creativity and coordinate an outfit as cool as you are, girl









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