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>FASHION | 09.06.2023

What is your´Moleca´ level in life?

If you are one of those who loves to impose your attitude in your posture and style, then you are an authentic Moleca girl and will love the statement duo to imprint your personality wherever you go


Women who are determined, purposeful, and defend different flags. Claiming and giving voice to innumerable agendas is part of the empowerment package. Can you identify yourself? So can we. There are those who believe that the owners of this feminine power only adopt a predictable and dull dress code. No way! Being sensitive does not invalidate the status of 'girl power', on the opposite, you see! The Lady-like style - an aesthetic that reveres delicacy and classic elegance - proves that this is the reality of those who use good taste and sustainability as allies, before wearing the shirt for a good cause.


Oh, and watch out! Forget that mega traditional fifties vibe. The trend gets an upgrade in the retro mood and updates the looks with a futuristic touch. The 'prom' reference is out of the scene to give place to a contemporary outfit with a pop spice in street style. Minimalism is reinforced by the fashionista medium lengths, volumes, marked waists, frills, bows, and girlie accessories. The actress Lily Collins -the protagonist of Emily in Paris (who became a fashion influencer) - identifies a lot with this ultra-feminine look even off the screen.


Sugary palette

There is a trend that is a perfect match for this 'so sweet' movement. It is impossible to think of a romantic look without thinking of one of the most iconic shoes. Do you know what it is? The ballet flat returns to the catwalks, streets, and to the closet of the it-girls, as a statement item, redefined in the concept of balletcore. And Moleca's shoes still keep their DNA intact: total comfort and versatility. The slightly slim pointed-toe shape and the sweet chromatic palette in shades of magenta, nude, and off-white intensify the desire for it, increasing its presence in the looks, every single day. 


Do you want to rock it even more? It's easy! Bet on the shoulder bag with puffer finishing - detail of the quilted aspect -, maximum novelty, imported directly from the catwalks of the last fashion weeks. You will be the one!






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