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>FASHION | 26.05.2023

It\'s called love!


I want to see who will argue with the power of this synergy, which makes any outfit stand out and is among the most classic successful duos in fashion


When two pieces in the best mix & match style come together, the result in the dress code is unbeatable. The proof is in the duos, which promote the same chemistry of a meeting of souls, the chance of fate, the great love stories ... The perfect and natural fit has transformed these timeless combinations wrapped in a creative and cool way, in unbeatable compositions above any trend. At the same time basic and accurate, the combination of key pieces results in that successful comeback in which the 'worth seeing again' is necessary and, better yet, makes you want to wear it again!


The assertive look composed of besties - and adopted by different styles of the feminine public -, is featured in five-star classics in colors, textures, prints, or elements that are easy to coordinate. How to go wrong with the black and white combo, an inseparable duo like Kylie and Kendall, ideal in street style and glam looks with zero effort, huh? The plaid shirt with a t-shirt imprints the popular and beloved grunge aesthetic (hello, the 90s again!), forever stamped in our hearts and in our rebellious attitude. The tank top and jeans are an eternal part of the super-comfortable and very democratic urban outfit.


It's worth more than a like!

Moleca also has its crushes, which together double our bets and become a must-have investment for a lifetime in our closets. How to look away from casual sports shoes with original box soles (highlight for the authentic styling of the line drawn on the sole in the same shade as the upper)? In the black or magenta version, it features as its main characteristic, the flat design, clean look, and striking personality, do you agree girls?


The BFF - best friend forever - perfect to take to that coveted music festival, dream trips with the girls, a delightful workout, or a happy hour that includes a pajama party, comes in the form of the fashionista backpack with a puffer finish (an icon of contemporary fashion that, when it appears, steals the scene from the catwalks to the street style), with ample storage space, reinforced straps without causing any discomfort. You can mix the colors or choose a monochromatic mood. This partnership will barely stay in your closet because it will be a one-of-a-kind outfit.! 



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