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>FASHION | 15.01.2024

Who has a friend, has everything!


And we do know that.  That's why so many girls collect several pairs of Moleca shoes - because they can trust them, share memorable moments and it's all fun!


If you're one of those who know all the trends that are happening on social media, you have certainly seen one that is hitting the headlines in which you list the affinities you share with your BFF. And since Moleca reveres the 'friends forever' mood, we bring you, on the tip of our tongue, the kind of friend you want to keep close to in 2024: the bestie who starts a sentence and you finish it. The one who shares the desire to eat a sweet treat without counting calories. The one who embraces unplanned adventures and believes in the 'just go! Mantra. The one who doesn't judge you for giving up on a hangout to binge-watch Netflix. The one who spends the day sending you memes that express the two of you. And, above all, the one who supports you while still telling you the truth...


It seems that the Paris Fashion Week catwalks have also made a sincere friendship with one of the street style trends by surrendering to the down-to-earth vibe in the best reference to love at first sight. The Paris shows promoted the rise of casual flats in the closets of it-girls, lovers of a must-have and statement piece, proving this partnership on all occasions - from urban aesthetics to sporty chic - just as the besties are always together in multiple moments.


Only loves me well

Well, Moleca went one step further and delivered everything and more in its fashionista versions, which parade in the new collection with an extra sparkly-inspired twist to match the fresh looks of the coming seasons. The eclectic color palette - from the classic key colors black and off-white to the dynamism of pink and nude - adds color to the look and is further enhanced by the detail of the straps with delicate crystals to highlight the outfits, whether you want it or not, okay?


Oh, and like a true friend, the flats don't let go of the shoulder bags, which come in the same shades and with a quilted effect. And since it is usual for a sister to know each other's preferences by heart, how about taking the opportunity to personalize your and your sister's bags with the Moleca lucky charm that most identify with you, huh?  




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