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>FASHION | 19.04.2024

Ballet Flats + Red: the duo that will take you over the rainbow!

In fact, the Moleca shoes will take you wherever you want to go, always with a lot of style and attitude, as every girl deserves


So, girls, who are your faithful squires? The ones who are up for any adventure or hangout and can decipher your thoughts just by looking at you, huh? Among the stories that personify this friend zone, it's worth remembering Dorothy, from The Wizard of Oz. The clever girl kept her steps steady on her yellow brick road, alongside her inseparable besties (Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Lion) on a journey of determination, and above all, friendship. Can you relate?


There's nothing better than sharing the main trends with your BFFs. Here, we have the triumphant comeback of a classic at the heart of women's fashion, the ballet flat, enveloped by the most iconic shade of the season, the vibrant and irresistible red (also called radiant red, in the collab between WGSN and Coloro). Now imagine combining these two street style - and feed - phenomena in the same look. Did you envision it? This authentic it-shoe is certainly like a portal to transport you to your own private world of Oz, with a lot of attitude and perfect for giving your look an instant boost with zero effort and elevating your outfit to the WOW effect in seconds. Let's test out the transforming power of this breathtaking get-together, shall we?


In the Red Zone, Everyone!

Right now! Just as Dorothy found confidence when she put on her red ballet flats, you will also parade your protagonism with the same empowered attitude and style. Just choose one or all the impeccable designs from Moleca to match your daily statement outfit, adding creativity to any mood and any type of commitment. Just a friendly warning: make extra room in your closet, because your new collection of ballet flats is starting to grow in 3, 2, 1...


The ballet flats in red in this post may confuse you due to their excess of cuteness! But don't be fooled: they cause immediate fascination due to their many features: modern design, a variety of finishes to suit all tastes, undeniable comfort, and a strong presence. Among the options, it's impossible not to highlight the dream of the 'coquette girl', materialized in the vintage romanticism of the bow or maxi bow in varnished texture. The rocker vibe appears in the version accompanied by studs, paying homage to the edgy aesthetic, or in the original shape, smooth with a very modern touch.


Now just alternate with all the versions of yours, depending on your mood. Whether it's coordinating with neutral pieces, contrasting with bold accessories in metallic tones - bet on the chic & glam of gold and silver -, combining intense shades such as royal blue and orange to enhance the dopamine dressing, or even rocking the monochrome dress code. What's it going to be? It's up to you, girl! ?




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