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>FASHION | 06.10.2023

If they were already a hit, imagine them together??

You know that bestie you're so proud of? Moleca's jeans line in the most candy version of denim brings an incredible crowd to be your faithful companions 'now & forever'


Just like in the colorful pages of a journal - now in the age of selfies, among likes, comments, and emojis - friendship between girls unfolds in adventurous narratives, open laughter and shared tears, whispered confidences and advice followed by hugs. Those lucky enough to have that bosom friend know that this relationship is not limited to birthday posts, the same playlist, or matching outfits.  


This bond of affection is more than just a fad. It's a real connection! And in keeping with the saying 'happiness is only true when it's shared', we've come to remember famous friendships on the big screen to show that having a bestie to deal with life's joys and troubles is the best thing in the world.


Best Friends Forever - BFF's

Speaking of eternal bonds, Moleca's selection of denim shoes and bags - one of the most beloved trends - arrived delivering everything and more, proving that it's one of the great phenomena of the moment, huh! Come and have a look:


Serena and Blair mode, activate!

The inseparable ones from Gossip Girl! This bond is strong! Just like the unconditional love for two Moleca classics. We're talking about the must-have crushes in the sensation shade: denim. The sporty shoe brings the practicality of the smart shoelace (no need to tie it) and modern styling: perforations on the upper and the highlight of the sparkly stripe on the sole. The perfect companion in a woman's closet for another it-shoe, the ballet flat, in a girlie version with a bow finish. Lovely!


Style - without moderation - such as that of the duo Emily and Mindy

They are the benchmark for impeccable, effortless style and everything in between. Are we referring to the beauties from the Emily in Paris series? Yes! But in this case, all eyes are on these wonderful ladies: it's impossible to separate the delicate flat with bright details on the strap from the sandal with block heels with the same shiny effect, contrasting with the jeans. 


Fashion Inspiration a la Sex and the City

How can we not mention Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda? Both 'the one and only' and Moleca's bag designs. Nothing is as cool as this denim quartet. There's a bag to match every version of you. Notice the shoulder bags, the original rounded shape, or the handmade finish. The rectangular ones (also used in crossbody format) offer a smooth or textured option to elevate your look with a lot of attitude. Oh, just a tip: Do you want a striking and unique outfit? Then go for Moleca's lucky charms. The cutest keychains you'll only see here and you'll want to collect them!



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