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>FASHION | 26.08.2022

The maximalist trend wants to win your heart!

It values the "excess" and the mix of several elements in a single look.

Well, girls, it may seem controversial, but after many years of listening to slogans like "less is more" and looking for references in minimalist looks, the new trend that has invaded the catwalks and the street style is about more is more.

As the name suggests, maximalism comes to value contrasts, comfort, brightness, and alike. It brings the composition of colors, prints, and modeling, mixing several elements in a single production. Confusing? It seems so, but it isn't!

This style is not such as novelty as it seems. It has been around since 1970 when the architect Robert Venturi had the idea that "Less Is a Bore". Then, haute couture brands rescued this idea and invested in excessive, exaggerated, exuberant, and irreverent constructions. That's where the logo fever comes from, for example, a key point in the maxi world and another trending topic for 2022!  

Unlike minimalism, where there are structured designs, timeless items, and a chromatic palette of neutrals, maximalism combines vibrant shades, a mix of accessories, out-of-the-box combinations, and lots and lots of creativity. In urban fashion, and a favorite for breathing new life into the closet, you can get inspired in many ways!

Get into the maximalism trend!

Following it doesn't mean that you have to include a lot of information and that's it! No, everything is very well planned. We are talking about a cool and coherent "excess".

The watercolor floral print is a possibility that can, in its versatility, fit in and reflect what is on the radar of the streets and the feeds of celebrities and influencers. Moreover, it is able to suit several moods. From classic to pop, and from retro to contemporary, going through more formal or exotic creations, the inspiration fits both the personal style of each one and what is in vogue at the moment. 

Colorful, vibrant looks have been part of our daily lives for some time now, haven't they? And one of the shades that never goes out of style when it comes to composing a look of millions, elegant and, at the same time, relaxed, is the mint green. The shade can be seen in a wide variety of shades and easily blends with others (like fuchsia!). Giving each and every transition of your #getreadywithme a really surprising feature.

Speaking of surprising, maximalism makes room for that special bonus, such as rhinestone appliqués and bows, tractor soles, striking buckles. Are you thrilled? The sky is the limit when it comes to creating this look. Let's match all your favorite items, invest in maxi accessories and comfortable and authentic Moleca shoes!


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