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>FASHION | 08.03.2024


The most anticipated reboot of the Moleca season already has a date (now!) and a place (your look, obviously!) to premiere. It's real and official: we see flowers on you!  


Knock, knock, TikTok. Who is it? Another comeback from the 2000s that is worth the revival. And none other than actress-beauty Emma Stone to parade the most feminine of trends on the red carpet of the Golden Globe Awards 2024. Yes, despite cheering for her nomination in two categories – Best Actress in a Drama Series and Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical, or Comedy – it was her breathtaking look that caught the eye: a dress with embroidered flowers and sparkles! The formula of modern romanticism wrapped up in pure glamour.


Hey, girl! The classic aesthetic (which, this year, comes in a bouquet or solo versions), a symbol of delicacy, is already making quite a buzz (search for #rosette or #rosettecore) among the main trends. Floral embroidery, a detail that makes a total difference to a look (in fact, it's one of the greatest fashion legacies that the eternal Carry Bradshaw shared with us), also invaded Haute Couture Fashion Week and its charm has already captured the closets of influencers and streetwear fashionistas. For those who love minimalist elements & pure charm, embroidery is perfect for transforming basic pieces into true works of art, which arouse the WOW effect in seconds. Let's put it to the test, girls? Get ready to elevate your outfit by 3, 2, 1...


Blooming each and every day!

And don't think that this floral atmosphere is just for the girlies on duty! Country-inspired embroidery can be used to add a touch of contrast to rocker or stripped-down outfits, creating a super interesting composition. Fact! These new arrivals from Moleca deliver everything, emulating a fragrant garden right there in the street-style buzz!


The flats, either with double straps, off-white tones, and rustic soles or with a wider black sole, feature tone-on-tone floral embroidery, highlighting an artsy design. The skin tone clog, on the other hand, features embroidered flowers, stylizing a bouquet in different shades (producing a depth effect that resembles 3D), providing originality for you to flourish around full of attitude. 




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