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>FASHION | 18.11.2022

Think pink, girls! 

Now it is the turn of mauve pink to hit the spotlight of the chromatic palette and increase the success of the pink family in Moleca's collections.


Oh, how crazy! If there is a trend that didn't promise but delivered everything, it is #Barbiecore. Check it out: the it color has invaded not only the fashion universe, but also the beauty, décor, and travel universe, that is, it is everywhere, attracting many spotlights. The reason? Simple! Pink and its nuances cause an instant up and give an energetic, contagious, and liberating result. That's why our eyes - and hearts - are wide open to adopting this mega aesthetic right now!

If before it was practical to focus on an all-black, all-white, or bet on neutral tones as the perfect dress code, this is now in the past. It has never been so 'easy going' to invest in the 1001 facets of pink in monochromatic outfits, ton sour ton (tone on tone), and vibrant compositions. The hard part is to keep up with this constant movement exhibited on the catwalks, feeds, editorials, red carpets, and street style. Every self-respecting fashion girl wants a chance to put her pink look into play!  

The color associated with romanticism has been given a new meaning. The definition of pink was successfully updated to the most hyped shade of the season. And among the variations, mauve has been the talk of the town. In the chromatic palette, it is found between lavender and deep purple, and in the closet of the fashionable girls, it has already made friends with cobalt blue, yellow, green, orange, and all the cousins of the pink palette. 



Moleca has also joined the pink fever vibe and developed charming proposals with 'so cute' designs in the new trendy shade, mauve pink. And to keep you in tune and all dressed up in the desired color, we brought four options for all tastes - like tutti-frutti if you could taste it - to match your Moleca way of being:


Cutie mood

Wow, wow 3x! Have you already taken a peek at these Moleca pumps with this little pin-up touch? Blame the flare heel contour and the Sicilian yellow-colored sole, all matching mauve pink. We are simply thrilled! The version manages to leave aside Dorothy's famous red slipper in The Wizard of Oz and promotes a doll-like look in the simple outfits. 


Born to shine

With Moleca's mauve pink flat, the effort to stay stylish is zero. The modern shape with a square front and straps with a gradient effect + glitter treads the asphalt in great style. It brings a fresh and fun atmosphere to any look, minimizing the seriousness of formal outfits and elevating urban looks to the coolest. Now, just wait for a single reaction: everyone will want to clear the way for you to pass. Excuse me! 


Femininity mode on!

Versatility, beauty, and comfort in a single pair. Easy to coordinate, the mauve pink Moleca ballet shoes are a key piece in the closet of women who love to optimize time and still feel good in front of the mirror. Ideal for countless occasions, it ensures well-being in delicate modeling and will make the envious ones get a lot of kisses over the shoulder. 


Love on the shoulder

Moleca's mauve pink shoulder bag is an indispensable item to compose fashionistas' creations with a high rate of approval. It has a protagonist function to contrast with intense shades or to be the focal point in monochromatic combinations. It is worth being admired even hanging from a chair. So if there's one place it can't be left out, it's in your impeccable closet, cat girl! 


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