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>FASHION | 09.05.2023

Trend alert for a boom in style: this post promises to shake you up!

Get ready to increase your looks in an authorial way with the new designs from Moleca, responsible for all the admiration words: Wow, Oh, Awwww!


Shocking, thunderous and eye-catching. Don't expect anything less than this about one of the most irreverent megatrends, ideal for every power girl - zero fear to dare! -  to win five stars in the fashionista category. The 'clashing prints' aesthetic is a great example of this. The 'clashing prints' aesthetic prioritizes the creative mix in the art of stylizing prints, from classic to futuristic, wrapping the looks in colors and shapes with incredible visual contrasts, maximalist effect, and enchanting the feminine audience full of attitude and confidence to spare.


This set of references has proven to have its place in the streets and this season, making it possible to coordinate intense compositions, full of personality. So, overlays with stripes, florals, plaids, and a lot of sunny vibes are allowed. It may seem difficult to achieve this result, but it is possible to apply the same theme, opting for different shades and formats, such as animal print and polka dots, or even mix two or more prints of your preference. In this case, the tip is to follow a palette with similar shades to highlight the drawings and you can still bet on a single piece with multiple patterns.


Dopamine mode on!

There is a new release by Moleca, totally in tune with this fun and super cheerful proposal. To accompany the dress code with lots of fashion information, the new slide design with crossband uppers - a charm to spare - and the sporty sandals - cool & cute - with a very original design and sole, top off the super outfit with vibrant shades and print the WOW factor to seal an eternal union with any piece in your closet.


Besides the Barbiecore fever with neon pink and the explosion of cerulean blue, Moleca renews its chromatic palette with a novelty: pistachio arrives with all the authenticity to lend a lot of glam to summer outfits and also to warm up the more sober combinations with a lot of protagonism! Not to mention that just by looking at it, we are already sure that the walk reminds us of the feeling of stepping on the clouds due to the comfy mood. We are already in love, aren't you?



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