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>FASHION | 31.08.2023

One shade, a thousand possibilities: the ultimate basic!


The classics from Moleca elevate one of the best sellers of any season - the black shade - to the utmost status of style


It never goes out of fashion. It's on in any season. It is a surefire option for all occasions. It goes from gothic to glamorous. Universal visual code. It reflects boldness, luxury, and modernity at the same time. Simply, for these and other features, nothing beats the black look. Let's face it, the emperor of the classics requires zero effort for a foolproof outfit. The black mood imposes itself naturally and takes over the closet of fashion girls and street style with absolute protagonism.


Think fast: how many times has the 'basic black' or the LBD (little black dress) come to your rescue for its punctual versatility? Or, better yet, how many pieces in this shade are part of your closet? See, it's easy to understand why this color was the favorite of the character Wednesday Addams and the signature of the elegance of the muse Audrey Hepburn, even thirty years after her death. Beyond democratic, in monochromatic compositions or in specific points, the black shade is eligible for a statement outfit and utmost authenticity!  


Black Card Selection!

Timeless shoes, which accompany women all year round, also have this effect, in addition to helping to balance the look of the day. And Moleca has the perfect arsenal of it-shoes full of attitude - due to their striking shapes with a lot of fashion information -, a high level of comfort, and even affordable for all pockets. Better impossible, isn't it?


For home office days, unexpected dates, happy hour with friends, face-to-face meetings, or a delicious night out, Moleca has an ideal bet on the 'essential black' vibe to accompany you, making you look good. Want to see it? Those who do not give up casual will be enchanted by the sports shoe with a clean design contrasting with white soles.


Do you know what you can't miss in your travel suitcase to keep your style up there and enjoy the wanderings around without getting tired? A pair of ballet flats in a neutral shade. Moleca's version, inspired by Balletcore references, gains a preppy touch with the gold buckle detail and matches combinations for day and night. On the other hand, for that important presentation, be careful not to take the audience's attention if you choose to wear the moccasin with a sophisticated chain finish. It arouses immediate desire.


But, if the idea is to enhance the outfit, we recommend a must-have duo: baby block heel sandal with the shoulder bag with a puffer effect, reproducing quilting, and gold chain handles.




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