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>FASHION | 12.05.2022

Lets chat about espadrille?

With a trip through the time tunnel and tips on looks to rock this trend?

Yes, we have already gone through the existential crisis about what espadrille is, where it comes from, how to use it and why it is irresistible to buy more than one! Despite its refreshing and always modern essence, we will tell you that this finishing started its journey in the 13th/14th centuries, along the borders of France and Spain. It made its presence felt in the work clothes of soldiers, peasants, and anyone else who needed cheap and practical shoes. Interesting, isn't it?

But, oh, this type of shoe only began to rise in the 19th century, thanks to the French international trade (which created the espadrille industry) and to the exports to South America (where the warm weather granted its success). It was even widely used in some periods of war (such as the Spanish Civil War) because it was cheaper compared to leather boots, easy to replace, and tolerant to hot climates/soils.

Want more interesting facts? The word espadrille has its own meaning, derived from esparto which refers to the Mediterranean grass used in past centuries to make the classic braided sole strings. And they were made by artisans, who were supported by seamstresses who adjusted the upper (which protects the feet) and the fabrics.

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Besides becoming the favorite footwear of the French, the fashionable influence of espadrilles began in the post-war years. Close to the 50's, when Hollywood was at the top of its Golden Age. And if you thought of the divas of the movies, you were right, and we have two references: Rita Hayworth, who wore a espadrille in the 1947 film The Lady From Shanghai, and Lauren Bacall, who did the same in Key Largo in 1948. In fact, Bacall made eternal the look consisting of a white shirt, dirndl skirt (characterized by a tight waist and a wide, circular skirt), and espadrille.

As it happens today in screen style, people couldn't resist and bought it. And this is how a star for our looks was born! The movies always give us fashion icons! Ouch, #loveit!

And then it's just history, folks! Around the 60s, espadrilles started the cycle that would never be interrupted: being reinvented in every season. This was easy due to industrial and technological advances, without losing their lightness and flexibility. The difference is that now the new interpretations are aligned with some trend, as happened with the folk style.

Wait! Folk as in folklore? Yes! The word started to bomb in 2020 and it is divided between folk cultures, the music genre, and, of course, Taylor Swift. Which automatically leads us to cottagecore, an style associated with nature, which automatically matches espadrilles. Wow, we lost our breath with the accelerated thinking!

And are there any tips on looks to understand the concept?

To understand the concept, we will reveal Moleca's most beloved espadrille shoes! Then you will be inspired to put together a casual look and guarantee your favorite, all right?

We have already talked about breezy looks (and you can check it out here) and our new tip is: the boho look (#bohochic), with frills, printed dresses, crochet and high-waisted pants/shorts to match the classic espadrille. Total 70's, an era that conveyed the message of free spirit! And you can save the outfit ideas for future music festivals. Who here misses the flower garland (and we are kind of wondering if this is already #cringe)? Lana Del Rey helps here!

Today, the sporty shoes with espadrille sole are present in the lives, and feeds, of fashion influencers. For being comfortable and easy to style, the fashion tip goes to the nautical style, because highlighting the navy blue and stripes in the look is all good! The same goes for the classic wedge sandal, which makes it uncomplicated to think of dresses and jumpsuits to navigate, whenever possible, in the summer vibe. It is allowed and you can switch to midi versions.

Still on wedge sandals, of course we couldn't fail to mention jeans, Moleca's darling! The important thing is to let the shoe stand out, especially to show off the rope sole. And yes, we are going to defend the skinny pants in this look, but you can also use the flare type, which also gives the totally 70's diva vibe, ready for the day to day activities! 

The general tip: the look gets a style boost when the espadrille shoes are the opposite color of the outfit. Matching is not going to be difficult, because these designs from Moleca are suitable for a wide range of events and leave room for your own personality touch!

So, which Moleca + look had the biggest impact on you? Tell us about it in the @moleca_oficial DM! And don't forget to take a look at our collection that is awesome!


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