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>FASHION | 30.03.2023

Are you ready for this comeback?

They are back and they deliver everything and then some, baby! Moleca unites two big blockbusters - the ballet flat trend + the shade of the time - that promise nothing less than a red-carpet look


Here the memory is not that of an ex, but of that unforgettable feeling of first love, remember? Renamed as ballet flats, the already well-known ballet flats are back in the wake of desire and nostalgia, awakening a thousand and one memories. And with a flawless background. The hype was such that it became one of those pieces inherited from generation to generation with an emotional value up there. Besides fashionistas, I'm sure you've already had your eye on a design from your mother's closet, who has also dated one from your grandmother's closet. Here comes the question: how to resist?


Delicate, minimalist, and highly feminine, not every shoe can promote a true uber-trend revolution after a hiatus from the scene. More than triumphant, it can be said that the ballet flats had an apotheosis comeback. If in the 2000s they were all over the place, it seems that in the 'here and now', the reign has great chances of being a lifelong one. What we see is the constant movement 'from stories to the feed' and the explosion - for good reason! - in TikTok. Inspired by the classic dress code of ballerinas with a match in the girlie trend, #balletcore has surpassed 360 million mentions.


The cool it shoe, always on the radar of the trendy girls, was the crush of other aesthetics, such as indie sleaze, preppy, and boho, promoting democracy in hi-lo style, that is, going from a stripped-down outfit to a glam chic look, consecrating its remarkable shape in fashion. Did you feel this power even without having to climb up on heels, girl? So says the eternal - and iconic reference of good taste - Blair Waldorf (the character played by Leighton Meester), from the first version of Gossip Girl, taking ballet flats to another level.


Lady in Red

If it grants the status of a must-have piece, if it is among the great rediscoveries of the fashion universe, if it is a highlight in the street style, and if it is a request from women who love to be up to date with everything, Moleca always answers the calls. Get ready, girl, to discover a world apart, full of personality and grace. Moleca's designs are extremely comfortable and stand out for their originality and richness of details. It will be hard to decide among so many textures and styling with maxi bows, buckles, and glitter.


The hottest season of the year asks for color and Moleca's ballet flats also print a very curious season's fever and which is the face of summer. Have you heard about the chromatic palette, which is attracting a lot of attention in the main fashion shows? It is the sunset palette. Among the vibrant shades are beach ball, amber yellow, mock orange, sun-kissed coral, scarlet ibis, and bittersweet - from the intensity of yellow, through orange, coral, and up to red. And there is nothing better than the vibrancy of the shade 'red' to awaken your girl power side and turn the mode ON of originality in all looks. So, now it's up to you, go for it!



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