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>FASHION | 13.06.2023

Who´s that girl?

Inspired by the metallic super-trend, Moleca presents the most charming store window in the golden chromatic palette, which would please even the most demanding goddesses of Olympus


What is your source for the search for self-knowledge, girl? It is true that there are different lines of connection, such as psychology, astrology, meditation... But it is also possible to turn to history. Yeah, let's take a few steps back, go to the Ancient Times and focus on Greek Mythology. Did you identify yourself? Not for less! The goddesses are models of strength and great inspiration. Knowing the predominant characteristics of these divine figures can help you value your qualities even more and empower your 'beautiful warrior' side.


So, get ready to meet the 7 inner Greek goddesses that make up the feminine essence and give a boost to your girl power version!


Goddess Aphrodite - Basically, she is the 'boss' of the whole thing! She has won narratives in movies, and books, and her archetype is commanded by the powers of seduction and beauty, wow! If you are one of those people who attract all eyes because of this contagious energy, you have everything to be congratulated for your aesthetic appeal too, right? And Moleca's must-have shoes are there to elevate your queenly visual identity even more!


Goddess Athena - Considered the goddess of wisdom, arts, and war for her impeccable sense of strategic planning and supreme intelligence. Attributes that entrepreneurial women and successful leaders carry with them effortlessly, especially when it comes to putting together a functional closet with the best versions of Moleca to rule the world.


Goddess Artemis - With reference to nature, she is known as the goddess of the Moon and Hunting, in other words, she puts all her potential into defending the causes she believes in! And when it comes to a breathtaking dress code, there is no one in the world who can contradict her when she is 'feeling' in possession of one of her Moleca besties.


Goddess Hestia - has been given the title of Goddess of the Home. She is extremely family oriented and loves tradition, comfort, and safety. Therefore, she knows that she shouldn't mess with a team that is winning, like her top selection of Moleca's shoes.


Goddess Persephone - Spiritualized and with a keen sixth sense, the goddess of the Earth parades lightness and knows how to adapt to situations. In fashion, she has the ability to go through the four seasons with foolproof looks accompanied by the many fashionista options of Moleca.


Goddess Demeter - who has a little piece of the goddess of fertility, is gentle and feels like a mother to all. Delicate and affectionate, she is the purest partnership, and is even open to lending her the most beloved Moleca shoes! That's a real friend!


Goddess Hera - wife of Zeus, this goddess of marriage has features of mystery. And if you have attributes of this incredible Greek woman, you know that the perfect match between attitude and style is in all designs of Moleca, which promises serious commitment, huh!


And of course, Moleca brings the perfect line to match this super-stylish and very glam vibe with the flats and ballet flats - golden girls of the brand - in the metallic mega trend, praising gold as the supreme shade to coordinate with cool & chic outfits. Besides the statement shade, the shoes from Moleca stand out for the authenticity of the original shape and unique styling with lace-ups, bows, knots, glitter, and crossband straps, producing an immediate wow effect! Come and arouse your Greek goddess!





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