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>MOLECA HQ | 07.07.2023

The fashion revolution through the perfect mix!

Witness the iconic meeting between contrasting styles and statement shoes from Moleca to compose an original and striking look


Do you know that saying 'opposites attract'? This motto is more than applicable in fashion. In fact, plurality and democracy favor those who know how to take advantage of contrasts to create zero-obvious outfits - just because we don't have to be predictable! Proof of this is the match between key pieces and fashionista items. And as a legitimate Moleca girl, you know that the keyword for a dress code of millions is authenticity. How about betting on the foolproof mix of classic and irreverent to amaze in the winter season? One thing is a fact: be prepared to attract attention! Moleca brings three proposals for you to impress without the slightest effort. Surely, you will mark checked in all compositions.


Hardcore style

Visualize the funny and extremely bright wave of the 60s. Now, cut to the year 2023. If it's glamour you want, metallic pants ensure the WOW effect they deserve. The difference is in the varied modeling, such as jogger, skinny, wide-leg (loose fit), and clochard (high waist and belt in the same fabric as the pants). Detail: the brightness is not a privilege of the gold and silver nuances. It is worth opting for other shades and coordinating with a must-have accessory from Moleca's premium selection: the mini bag with puffer finish and chain handles - all the best! - in nude! It accompanies you from Monday to Sunday and reveres your personal shine.


Only good vibes

What is the riddle: that very feminine piece, versatile even on cold days and never leaves the streetwear scene or the closet of the trendy ones? Whoever guessed the midi skirt was right! In colder temperatures, you can count on fabrics such as wool, velvet, and complement it with different prints of tights. And of course, Moleca has the ideal pair to establish this successful duo. The partnership with the cap-toe ballet flat- in Moleca's beige and off-white duo - results in pure delicacy, blamed on the romanticism of the bow and the thin varnished toe.


Sweet & Comfy

Need to upgrade your look and have run out of ideas? Relax, baby! The maxi scarf - long and bulky with an oversized mood - makes its presence felt mercilessly and transforms any basic combination. You still have the option to choose vibrant shades, varied prints in the animal print concept, and fringe or application styling. The sneaker with a clean design, in the most sophisticated neutral palette in Brazil - off-white and beige - modernizes the highly functional composition with elastic shoelaces, which does not require tying. Cool!





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