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>MOLECA HQ | 21.07.2023

United we are power, fashion, and originality!

If a team is winning, you don't change it! But it is possible to innovate with creativity, style, and the exuberant color palette of Moleca to elevate a classic to its full force


Welcome to the season of classics, girl! Catch this idea: there is an iconic trend, a statement for several generations, causing a stir because of a simple, but intense detail. One of the most sophisticated pairings of all time, the B&W (black and white) comes with power accompanied by super cool aesthetics to make outfits look even hotter and cooler. The duo composed of the most recognized neutral shades of the chromatic palette gained worldwide notoriety thanks to French fashion designer Coco Chanel. Since then, this partnership has never gone out of fashion.


Allied with this trend, four patterns have become very well known by the feminine audience, and I am sure that at least one of them is part of your closet. Let's check them out? The famous polka dots, or petit-pois, embody the retro vibe with the sensual yet delicate appeal of pin-ups. Vertical and horizontal stripes need no introduction, and two others are this season's must-haves. On one side, the chevron - the undeniably zigzag curves - and on the other, the beloved houndstooth print, also called pied de poule, which can be colored, like the Beverly Hills suit worn by Virginia in our latest communication campaign!


Zero obvious, thousands of irreverence!

Have you identified yourself? Around here it is also possible to be surprised by a plot twist! The radical change comes in the form of a renovation to breathe new life into the B&W movement. As a kind of optical illusion, the intense colors of Moleca assume the timeless style to oxygenate the outfits, raise the temperature and impress. Influencers and celebrities finish their combinations with a cheerful palette, which promises to cheer up any gray day. 


And if the idea is to bet on a fun look full of personality, Moleca delivers a trio of hues to enhance any look with extreme vibrancy. More than adopted for monochromatic or color-blocking compositions, the shades of magenta, jeans, and green are unbeatable to coordinate with creations already consecrated, and foolproof throughout history. Now it's up to you to choose the designs from the collection to color your dress code, girl. The shopper bags with puffer effect ensure an updated mood while the flats keep the show going in the company of tailored pants, blazers, skirts, dresses, and one-piece items. 



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