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>MOLECA HQ | 30.03.2022

Round tip: the fashion classic you musthave!

In Moleca's ballerinas, this format is perfect to activate the contemporary movie diva that we love on streaming platforms.

We know that some trends take years to come back, but what a wonder it is to know that ballerinas are always on the radar, presenting new prints, appliques (such as ribbons) and colors. One of the unforgettable models is, without a doubt, the round-point one, which is part of the avant-garde of fashion! In addition to having marked the 90s and early 2000s at the feet of It girls, such as Kate Moss. There was even that conversation about them being #cringe, remember?

Al-ways on the radar! After all, we talk a lot about what is trending topic, right? And what we like deep down! And it is undeniable that ballerinas are eternal in life and fashion!

Focus on the round point!

A great darling of fashion, having as its main point of reference the Golden Age of American cinema (30s and 40s). And you should know, as great tuned in fashionistas that you are, of big names that have drawn attention to this format: Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot! The #queens of this trend, since they (and so many others) taught about this shoe being uncomplicated to wear, participating in all seasons. The current differential comes from the appearance, because, what once reigned in the basic black, now has so many looks precisely to match various moods of its fans!

It is not for nothing that the round point is the flagship of this season along with the maximalist look reflecting the increase in searches for pieces that are simultaneously comfortable and revere street style. And Moleca is a great reference in this matter, always taking you special and creative designs to rock the streets and ace the outfit post over there in the feed!

So get ready, because the time has come to update your collection of round point ballerinas. Come check out the most sought-after models by Moleca and ensure your new #bff.

Flawless embellishments

Yes! This look makes the ballerinas more attractive, as the details accompany the monochrome of the model. Alexa Chung, British IT girl you should know by the reality show Next in Fashion from Netflix (and in the disclosure she boosted the popularity of this shoe), is an example of those who love to style them, always celebrating their functionality with incredible looks! This makes it obvious that this model with contrasting tones (and so many others) by Moleca is the essential of the moment, for capturing this BFF personality for all moments, simple to combine, especially on days when you want an elegant touch.

Ribbon + print

The Moleca duo has great visual appeal! For starters, the ribbon is the right touch to make the night compositions, for example, more powerful while the jaguar and heart prints approve the days of having fun with friends! These ballerinas come out of the basics, where classic and contemporary meet, inspiring outfits that can have light fabrics and vivid colors!

Extra points in the outfit: slip on + espadrille

Both have an easy fit feel and favor any style. If you are interested in making a change in the wardrobe to invest in pieces that offer convenience, here is the perfect partnership! The models calmly finish up casual outfits, but do not dispense the chance to star with you looks that rescue the classics of tailoring — but with more joviality and adopting the latest trends (rustic vibe and mustard color).

Did you like it? Get your favorite ballerina now and share your outfit with us on Instagram @moleca_oficial! Also check out our entire collection!


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