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>MOLECA HQ | 08.02.2024

Moleca Carnival Group: Ready to Shake Things Up?

All you have to do is choose one of the TOP 5 shoes from the most original brand on the planet to get into party mode with a lot of comfort and attitude.



'In February, there's Carnival...' Jorge Ben Jor turned the world's biggest popular festival into music. Millions of party-goers are counting down the days to get their props in order, put their #rizz (or charisma, after all, the official flirting season is open) into play, and have fun in the most prestigious open-air 'organized mess'. If the setlist is a mix of rhythms - samba, axé, frevo, pagode, country music, funk, trap, and whatever else you want to include - the look is no different. The rule here is to mix it up and shine!


Moleca has a repertoire to spare and the best advantage: comfort to spend hours partying! You'll be in love with the options in this post, with the great carnival hits of 2024 and the melodies that make history, just like your favorite brand (ownnn)!


Joga Pra Lua – Anitta (feat. Pedro Sampaio e Dennis)

The meteoric success of the song by our girl from Rio has everything to do with the breathtaking Moleca buckle sandal. Hellooooo! There's so much modernity in the metallic silver upper and the plus of the buckles, that the style can only be sky-high!!


Macetando - Ivete Sangalo & Ludmilla

What a duo, huh! Speaking of phenomena, Moleca is making a comeback with the same empowerment as these two hurricanes. The ballet flats embrace the sparkle of the iconic 1980s, in the form of sequins updated with an urban mood, thanks to the very modern denim tone – just the way we like it: lots of attitude without losing the bounce.


Liquitiqui - Claudia Leitte (feat. JPerry & Kes)

Is it glow you want, girl? Then you can dance to the floor to the sound of Liquititi, an expression that refers to joy and lightness as cute as the flat from Moleca. The delicate design features micro sparkles to create a million-dollar look, worthy of a drum queen.


O canto da cidade - Daniela Mercury

An anthem, eternalized by several Carnivals, deserves an iconic costume. And nothing better than a classic reimagined with glitter and stylized with stars. The most pop white sneaker you'll see around here, the perfect pair for you to shout from the rooftops that 'the color of this city' is you in your sneaker, loaded with personality by Moleca.


Sapequinha - Lexa

Beautiful, bright, and with a lot of flair. That's how you'll finish off your festive outfit with a high-top sneaker rich in details, such as the white and off-white duo with perforations and a shiny finish on the upper. Wow, if it's up to our jury, the Harmony and Evolution scores will always be... TEN!


Oh, and to make the most of it from start to finish, we've put together two great suggestions to boost your party dress code. #Tip 1: a silver handbag with quilted styling or shoulder bag with a shiny cover that also has a crossbody function.


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