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>MOLECA HQ | 23.06.2023

Off-white: the most fashionable neutral shade you will find around here!

Let yourself be involved in the minimalist timelessness of this shade with the more-than-perfect crushes from Moleca


There is only one thing better than a super trend: two mega trends! And if it is also the result of a successful comeback... BOOM, it is a surefire hit. If you say you don't keep a set of pearls in your closet, for sure your mother or grandmother can give you a hand. The pearlcore aesthetic has arrived and dominated everything. It was Pinterest that brought attention to this gem in its report on what's hot this season. Oh, and recently, many celebrities also revered this iconic accessory, in a tribute to the designer Karl Lagerfeld, at the Met Gala 2023.


But, no need to revisit this piece in an ordinary way, right girl? This classic gets touches in non-homeopathic doses of creativity to compose fresh looks, especially if accompanied by a strong fashionista bet: off-white. The all-black dress code gives permission - not only on the catwalks but also in street style - to show the rise of this statement shade. Doctor mood? No way!


Synonymous with supreme elegance, it is impossible to ignore its versatility for combining several skin tones and matching monochrome outfits either in ensembles or one-piece, contrasting with vibrant tones, matching soft colors (pastel colors), in the revered duo with black (a key element that inhabits 10 out of 10 closets) or complementing the overtones (camel, coffee, brown, cream, beige).


Pure refreshment!

Want to know another advantage of this bright shade? By reflecting a larger amount of energy, it absorbs much less heat, so the closer the clothes you wear are to the color white, the less sensation of heat you will feel. Not to mention, that off-white imprints the quiet luxury style, granting sophistication even without intention. And with Moleca's shoes, going unnoticed is out of the question.


The color shade of the time colors the desired versions of the brand and disputes the heart and feet of our it-girls. Functionality with originality is the strength of Moleca. So, you will find comfort and beauty both in the sports shoes and in the loafers with modern finishing and in the preppy-inspired ballet flats. Did you think that accessories would be left out? No way! Off-white is also highlighted in the shoulder bags, bucket bags, and puffer bags with reference to quilting.






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