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>MOLECA HQ | 23.05.2023

Let your attitude shine!

The shoes from Moleca help you show the world who you are, girl! Trust your essence, step on it - without losing style, of course - and go after what you want


Digital natives, the Z generation (born between the years 1995 and 2010), basically, come set up with the SAP key for the technological world. Hyper-cognitive and with a multiplicity chip, they put their curiosity to play and absorb a flood of information with complex ease. They make their own trend! And, of course, we love to discover a trend! There is a hot topic on social networks, which has reached over 489 million mentions on TikTok alone. And what are we doing? Just keeping an eye on it! We learned that the hot trend of the moment is #arquetypes. Have you heard of them?


Let's go! They are universal patterns of behavior found in every era, usually personified by icons, characters from history, or simple profiles. These mental models are being used, as a reference to empower, strengthen self-esteem and form an identity. The archetypes that have been calling the attention of this public are the heroine, by the search for challenges and making a difference in the world; the explorer, by the interest in adventures, and experimentation with new cultures and technologies; and the archetype Cleopatra, the translation of independence, self-confidence, courage, and seduction. Owwww!


Meeting scheduled!

We also thought of participating in this movement, but with a fashionista vibe and creating the Moleca archetype. Can you visualize it? It would be a youthful identity with a colorful and cheerful visual language that conveys fun, high connectivity with fashion, and delivers style and comfort at the same time.


Who would identify with this essence? Easy! Outgoing power girls, who enjoy life to the fullest without worrying about other people's opinions, who like to know new things and interact with different people. Oh, and of course, very tuned in to the social networks and with their radar on the latest fashion trends, besides having a sustainable attitude (like Moleca, which does not use animal inputs in its products and uses 98% green energy). 


Talking about this, we make a point of introducing you to the latest fashion trends. Following the Barbiecore aesthetic, Moleca brings a trio in paralyzing neon pink: a loafer with an original design, a delicate flat with a girlie air, ready to raise your looks to WOW comments, and an authentic shoulder bag with the printed M for Moleca. Now, check out this top selection in a nude mood: sporty sneakers with knit, praising the handmade work; the ballet flat, the most acclaimed comeback, unanimous among generations and a Moleca must-have, inspired by both the balletcore fever and the street style attitude; and the shoulder bag, hitching a ride on the modern puffer effect. It's so much glamour!



Welcome to MolecaLab, a blog connected in everything that happens! Here, our team monitors, translates and delivers the latest trends and unpublished content. And as the meme would say: count on us for everything, huh?


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