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>MOLECA HQ | 16.02.2024

God forbid, but I wish I could...

...fill the closet with the bestie, the phenomenal: Moleca sporty sandal, it needs no introduction, but it's a must-have for a good look wherever you go


Partnership for all occasions...

Perfect for any mood...

Forever trendy!


That's how it is: it's always on people's lips and on fashionistas' feet. An icon of the 1990s, its comeback was triumphant. The hit of the summer, it gained even more stars, becoming a year-round option in women's closets. In addition to remaining sovereign over its kingdom, it also made a splash with different textures, stylizations, and by matching either the casual vibe, putting streetwear into play, modernizing the office look 'in the attitude', or even enhancing the international catwalks, turbocharging the looks. #OMG! For all these reasons and more, the Moleca sporty sandals are synonymous with a starring role that no empowered girl can deny! Here's an x-ray of these iconic shoes for you to favorite and like as many times as you like.


Comfy aesthetics

Despite all their versatility, coordinating with the most varied garments, such as dresses, shorts, and tailored pants, the sporty sandal is always a good choice because of its main characteristic, comfort, a basic requirement for dressing well, in addition to the sturdy anatomical sole, which gives your outfit an upgrade and, as a bonus, the feeling of stepping on clouds.


Cool & chic finish

You can't expect anything less when it comes to Moleca, right? This shoe is as stripped-down as it is glamorous, with its straps in multiple finishes, with an eye on the latest trends, highlighting metallic, glitter with maxi glitter dots, crystals, and rhinestones. Pure glam!


Fashionable design

How can you not love this sporty sandal with its delicate and original shape? You can expand your collection with the version in parallel straps and also take the three-strap version with one on the diagonal for you to vary throughout the week, since in this case, one pair is not enough, two is good, and three is never too much!


Fun Palette

Seriously! The most varied chromatic palette for you to compose fun combinations with sober tones, such as off-white, black, and nude in contrast with the hottest shades, hyped on social networks, such as pink and jeans. Another suggestion is to color the outfit with the socks – in lurex or cotton – and innovate in the dress code with a lot of personality. It's all good!




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