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>MOLECA HQ | 22.12.2022

Cutie Girl effect!

Awwww, just when we think we've seen it all, Moleca comes and surprises us once again: the new designs in the collection come in large doses of sweetness


When two awesome trendies are a match, it's simply impossible to turn your back. If you consider yourself a legitimate fashionista, always keeping an eye on what's new, you don't want to miss out on this one! Pay attention: on one side, we have one of the most exciting shades of the season, pink. On the other, lilac, the color-sensation indicated as next year's phenomenon, according to the main trend forecasting companies. The result is a sugary embrace as we take on the most delicious candy color duo in Brazil!


The Barbiecore vibe - successful and well-established - brought renewal to the nuances of the pink family by betting on the magical blend of escapism with reality and humorous poetry, sewn into the outfits with a touch of contemporary romance, worthy of romantic comedies full of sublime melancholy. Meanwhile, lilac receives a new baptism and enters as one of the main shades of 2023, as Digital Lavender, referring to a dress code focused on self-care, stability, spirituality, and well-being, especially mental health and emotional balance.


And when they get united, they form a great duo, ready to invade store windows, the feeds of the most passionate for fashion information, the dress code of iconic events and the closet of celebrities - just like you, girl! Here, the intensity does not let go of the delicacy in order to color super, hyper, mega modern outfits, from the casual aesthetic to the most glam looks, enhancing the classic compositions with this it double check. It has never been so easy to harmonize two shades that seem to have coordinated for ages.


Soft as cotton candy

As if it ain't broke, don't fix it, Moleca has already visualized from afar the long-awaited explosion of this sisterhood. Versatile, mauve pink and lilac have a wonderful dialog with each other, both complement and bring that fun support when included in monochromatic compositions. Easy like Sunday morning, doubt it? Then check out this idea!


By choosing an all-lilac look, for example, you achieve a very feminine and accurate identity, since the trend promises to be long-lasting and to carve out its place in the sun for several incarnations (of many seasons). To break the monocolor effect, it is worth investing heavily - together or separately - in the bets of this post: ballet flats with 'Moleca Girl' design so cute and extremely comfortable, and the crossbody bag, in the shade of the moment, mauve pink. Cuteness is not enough! 


Now, the opposite is also a guarantee of a perfect look. Check out an all-pink outfit with a lilac flat with straps in the same shade and mauve pink! This is an in-cre-di-ble complement to other pastel shades or basic pieces, such as jeans, T-shirts, and flowy printed dresses. In addition, mauve pink and lilac also offer a trip back to childhood by going back to school time, reviving the memory of the colored blackboard chalks. 


Missing something? No more suffering here! Moleca invites you to take a nostalgic ride and have fun with the shoes of your dreams. If I were you, I would keep these launches on my radar to begin 2023 on trend. Lets go?   



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