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>MOLECA HQ | 17.03.2023

In 2023, we wear magenta


You don't need to be part of any 'Mean Girls' group to parade around with the must-have color of the moment! You just have to count on Moleca's designs to join the team of the most stylish, my dear!


The Barbiecore trend was for 2022 - the favorite according to Lyst, an e-commerce platform that points out the main aesthetics with a legion of fashionista followers -, just like the statement shade magenta is for 2023, girls! In fact, even before Pantone (a global reference company in color research and trends) released the hue-sensation of the year, the shade was already on the radar of celebrities like Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, and Zendaya, who proved to be in total harmony with one of the main hits of the next 12 months.


But is it clear what nuance this is? We explain: with a familiar crimson red heritage, it has hints of pink, blue, and purple. The result of this mixture? That breathtaking it color! The interesting fact is that the reference of the deep red tone comes from the pigment extracted from cochineal insects, one of the most precious dyes in the world. In an age influenced by technology, fashion takes a break from the virtual to worship the real, drawing inspiration from nature to dye collections with a pulsating palette.


One thing you can be sure of, girl, magenta encourages experimentation and self-expression without moderation! So go for the spirituous combinations, which move between rustic and luxurious aesthetics, keeping the balance between hot and cold, that is, the intensity of magenta raises the temperature of sexy and extravagant looks and at the same time gives a discreet and elegant vibe to casual and glam looks. Imagine your closet as an authentic catwalk, where you will debut every time you parade a dress code with red in command!


Sunny trance

This season, let's welcome the radiant mood. After all, you can never have too much color, right girl? Moleca's shoes bring an update of the season's most ravishing palette. Here, the order is to brighten up. No lowlights, since the most powerful mix-and-match is a must in the color play used in the brand's different designs. The bright magenta shade is a surefire key item to coordinate colorblocking outfits from head to toe, if you like!


In Moleca's pairs, the color of the year goes hand in hand with other hits of the moment, such as mustard and orange . Hey girls, orange is the new black is back! For a light and refreshing dress code, both the flat with wide straps with a contemporary touch through the buckle detail and the flatform with a minimalist design ensure a ravishing effect. The flowy dresses and pantacourt pants get a style boost from the colorful strappy sandals, leaving the feet well exposed in the low block heel and structured high heel options.


Are you a fan of short sizes? No problem! The miniskirts, shorts, and jumpsuits can count with all its charm and authenticity, the darling of the most awaited comeback of all times... Can anyone make a guess? Of course, we are talking about the ballet flat. Absolute, here it appears in orange to contrast with the neutral outfits or to light up the whole outfit. And to give it a boost and give the look of millions, it's worth going for a shopper bag in the same shade. Fantastic combo! There's more for you, girl! The pair of sandals with tractor soles and a magenta clutch is a must-have that puts no shame in any summer! With so many crushes, you'll want to have 1001 appointments to show off such beauty in the form of shoes. We totally get you, gorgeous!




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