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>MOLECA HQ | 25.08.2023

Let\'s go party, girl!

Moleca innovates its sportswear line with a totally high-spirited color palette and turns any dress code into a reason to party


And isn't it that this doll has been causing quite a stir... The planet stopped just to live the lifestyle of the Barbie phenomenon. The live-action is the biggest premiere of the year in the United States, Canada and took 1.2 million Brazilians to theaters. Worldwide, the launch raised U$  337 million (about R$ 1,6 billion). A lot of people are betting hard on this girl!


An interesting fact (among thousands generated worldwide by the blockbuster): the Selfridges department store in London had the idea of reproducing various environments with pieces inspired by Barbie's closet. A fun idea to literally immerse yourself in the world of the most famous doll in the universe!


We understand very well how it is to be an it-girl, don't we girls? Spoiler: the director and screenwriter of the movie, Greta Gerwig, goes beyond the pink world, addressing several important themes, showing an empowered, determined Barbie who, as always, rocks the look, matching several trendy shades of the moment. Even in real life, she would be an authentic Moleca girl by coordinating her bestie color, pink, with the vibrant nuances of the season to transform every outfit into a WOW effect!


To recharge the battery!

If there is one thing in common that we share with Barbie is the colorful and cheerful atmosphere. So, let's go for a super cool color palette with good vibes to put your mood up high! Mint gives a refreshing mood with boldness and a touch of irreverence. Jeans are the darling of fashionistas and that crush to have around all the time. And what about pink? Pure attitude and femininity...


Now, imagine this color palette coloring the sneakers, slip-on version (no shoelaces, perfect for an easy fitting), high box sole - street style inspiration - with a sparkling finish created by the glitter applied on the upper. Absolute must-have! And in the best Barbie version, you can't go out without your braided shoulder bag. Bonus tip: you can choose to use a matching bag and sports shoes in the same shade or bet on the color-blocking aesthetic and create the ideal blend, mixing the colors




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