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>MOLECA HQ | 02.09.2022

Look of the day: featuring pink gloss with jeans!

Either alone or very well accompanied, the new shades of Moleca were designed to give that surprising touch.

Moleca HQ warns: shades of pink and blue are the super-cool trend of the moment and imprint joy and relaxation, besides a lot of fashionism! Creating combinations is easier than it seems and one of the simple ways is to coordinate them in layers. A coat, an accessory, or a pair of shoes make life easier when putting them together in an outfit.

Besides inspiring beautiful looks, these analogous colors make monochromatic looks possible. One way is aligning several similar shades in layers, a wonderful way to determine what you will wear. And it's worth saying: the variations of pink have followers on and off the catwalks, winning the hearts of celebrities and influencers worldwide.

And, as a good Fashion expert, you know that pink is acclaimed in pop culture!

But wait, it's not over! Everyone has at least one item of jeans in their closet. You can change the type, length, washes, and styles, and the girls keep on following them! So Moleca thought: what if it was a shade in our portfolio too? Especially because it is at the top of the ranking of season's must-haves?

And this is what we came up with: novelties for your #lookoftheday!

Create the look with pink gloss

Like it, girl? 

If you want to go for a tone-on-tone, pink gloss is the right choice!

For the Millennials generation (people born between 1980 and 1994), pink has become the ultimate symbol of modernity, deconstruction, and versatility. To incorporate it into any version is to make sure the result is confident and elegant.

The monochromatic look can be elaborated in several ways. Whether with two or more items in this color, or even a single piece. 

Create the look with jeans

like it, girl?

Jeans are timeless. That is why Moleca has adopted this shade of bright blue, which is growing in women's taste. You can think, for example, in creations of different washes, mix textures and play with overlays.

When it comes to investing in all jeans, there is only one rule: wear it from head to toe, just like Britney Spears once did, back in the early 2000s!

Like it, girl? So, get your new favorite, and don't forget to tag @moleca_oficial, because #welovetoseeit!


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