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>MOLECA HQ | 17.06.2022

LookOfTheDay: dress + boots

No inspiration to put together this look? Let Moleca HQ help you!!

Hey! Moleca HQ knows that you love a beautiful pair of boots! The amazing part is that the shoes are no longer the ones we choose only when it is really, really cold. Its presence now is remarkable and gives a stylish boost to our looks from January to January! Breaking interesting fashion rules, like becoming an indispensable experiment when wearing a dress. And, honestly, it is one of our favorite looks because it fits any season!

A while back, boots faithfully followed a so-called dress code rule that marked the 90's and early 2000's: wear accessories and shoes that represent the squad you belong to, like an identification badge. It became common to hear that a floral print dress did not go well with a pair of boots full of zippers and buckles. The same was true the other way around, where the "heavier" looks, like those of rockers, did not go well with discreet models. 

It was the little talk of the romantic girl who could not insert a hint of rock'n'roll in her look. The same with the rock'n'roll girl who could not go for a romantic vibe. It makes no sense, right? Even more so when we live in the same glorious time as Olivia Rodrigo, who mixed it all up!

Of course, there are several reasons for this! And one of them is that, for several decades, it was automatic to see dresses and associate them with classic shoes ( ballet flats and scarves). Precisely because they were presented to society as exclusively romantic and sophisticated pieces. But, again referencing the 90's/2000's, there were positive twists and turns that ended up being rescued today. Like the slip dress, a must-have whose winning combination comes from the silk/satin look + heavy boots! And, for more style, the girls wear a white t-shirt under it or a very cool maxi jacket (check out the look tip!). 

Fortunately, times have changed, and women (fashionistas or not) have started to make friendly exchanges, such as wearing a dress with sporty shoes. This helped resignify the outfit and took the boots with it. In a way that, just like this piece, the footwear no longer waits for winter to shine!

Light fabric, with print and earthy tones: easy to combine!

It mini wrap dress has the nice vibe of cottagecore, esthetics associated with nature, because of the earthy tone that conveys lightness - and it is a neutral tone that helps a lot in choosing the boot. And there's a cool detail: if your legs are too cold, go for socks in darker shades than the dress.

Close up on the boots!

This look practically alludes to the 90/2000's trend we mentioned in this post: a dress in light fabric that goes very well with a heavier boot. And you don't have to worry about the details of the shoe, because the secret of this look is to shine with a striking design. In this case, the boot with buckles and tractor sole from Moleca!! 

Did you like them? So let's enjoy the cold days or the mild temperatures and put the looks to play! And your BFF's gives you the best tip: you can always count on Moleca to rock in boots - have you even taken a peek at the collection? - and in any other trends!!



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