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>MOLECA HQ | 23.01.2023

Light, camera... Moleca in action!

The basic black with cinematographic status has never been more in evidence. Take a ride on the looks of the most copied characters of the streaming, match them with the exclusive designs of Moleca and make your style a real red carpet


If until the 1920s, the famous and timeless all-black dress code was a reference to mourning, since 1960 it has become the most sought-after color in the fashion market. It seems that the game has turned to this look, considered nowadays as a basic black not basic at all, right? So says the current worldwide phenomenon Wednesday – a spin-off of The Addams Family -, a Netflix global hit, starring the beautiful Jenna Ortega.


Interestingly, the actress has already collected more than 31.7 million followers and is counting#1..., after its premiere on November 23rd. The show has passed the historic milestone of 1 billion hours watched and is counting#2. For three consecutive weeks, it has been in the Top 10 in 93 countries - according to the audience released by the streaming service -; on Tiktok, the hashtag #Wandinha, the name of the character in Brazil, has exceeded 2.1 billion mentions (#Wednesday exceeded 25.7 billion and counting#3), and it has also received two nominations for the Golden Globe 2023 (Best Actress in a Motion Picture or Musical and Best TV Series). We keep on rooting for her!


That’s it! Her impeccable taste for productions in the reigning shade - black - is an inheritance from her mother, Morticia Addams, the gothic elegance herself. But it is not a family privilege. At least, not on the screen. Fans of the series Euphoria know well what we are talking about... The black cut-out dress worn at the New Year's Eve party by the character Maddy Perez, played by actress Alexa Demie, in the second season, made the searches for this outfit on Google go up 890%. And despite being further away from the pop it-girls - the emblematic Holly Golightly, played by the remarkable Audrey Hepburn, in The Breakfast at Tiffany's, also enters the hall of the most fashionable women wearing black outfits far from obvious! In other words, there is black for all tastes.


Dress it up!

For the fans or just sympathizers of this key shade, the purpose is the same: to stand out. And Moleca follows the triumphant journey of the statement shade through all the trends. Regardless of the piece, the sober chrome has always been in style. According to research, opting for black clothes makes one feel more confident and powerful. It is also associated with a sophisticated look, with a high level of refinement and a touch of mystery. Wow! There is more: according to experts, the palette extends to 50 different shades of black. So, you can spend more than a month taking turns with the texture and the color scale without repeating the outfit!


And there is no lack of inspiration. Want to see it? Just release the mood of goth or emo girl in you and bring to the street style, the successful compositions shown on the catwalks. Highlight for the preppy aesthetic, totally old school - portraying the academic atmosphere represented by the Z generation - but super trendy nowadays. In the list, the bet comes strong on tailoring pants and shorts, baggy shirts, miniskirts, and the must-have, Wednesday symbol: Peter Pan collar dress.


You can keep your style on top of the heights with your feet on the ground with an excess of fashion information. The store window from Moleca delivers a contagious variety to collect countless national favorites. The buckle sandal is the right choice to update any outfit with modernity. The ballet flat with a delicate bow gives a sweet styling, while the flat with straps delivers enchantment. For a casual vibe, the slip-on sneaker (with no shoelaces and easy fitting) full of glitter elevates any outfit effortlessly, and the fisherman tops off the outfit with a contemporary touch. Do you want to move up in the world and increase your visual range with a crossbody bag with sparkling effects, glitter, and chain handles? Prefer a ladylike version of it bag? No problem! You’ve got it!


Now it's up to you! Stay tuned, here on our blog! Send us a reel of the look and don't forget to tag us, girl!


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