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>MOLECA HQ | 14.04.2022

Moleca alerts: combining bag and shoe is truly a trend!

Attention, girls, this is not a test!

Screen style, the way we absorb fashion content in 2020/2021, has declared and street style prepared to deliver in 2022: combination of bag and shoe of the same color, print or texture! Yeah, girls, it started on TikTok and Instagram, having its first signs in logomania — use of pieces that converse between them through the brand's symbol. Like the M in Moleca! Another reason was nostalgia, and if you Google it, you will see that stars such as Britney Spears, the Pop Princess, have invested heavily in this style. SOS!

Revealing that, yes, here we have a viral from the past, more precisely from the 90s!

Buuuut, if we go back a little more in the time tunnel, we will see that it was in the 50s that combining bag and shoe became a mania. It rocked so much, as women were not so attached to complement the looks with accessories, as it happens today. Explaining better, it was the post-war era and there was a shortage of consumer goods in general. However, the plot twist happened through branch stores that started to mix & match. Only the idea of mix had to do with coordinated productions to maintain a homogeneous appearance. Think about monochrome. That's kind of the idea.

Combining a bit of the 50s with the 90s, we have this encounter between elegance and pop culture. Which makes the handbag and shoe combination one of the coolest fashion influences of today. Thus, Moleca warns: there is no age to have fun with trends!

And this is your moment, because we have prepared 3 outfits for you to combine and enjoy:

All charming and elegant!


Pink is friendly and viral in the feeds. It gets along well with neutral and monochrome outfits in deep shades, such as navy blue. The result is supercool outfits and we are visualizing their power by combining these items, huh? Not least because, in a single combo, there is the shine of the sandal's varnish that balances with the orange touch of the shoulder bag.

Rocking with total jeans!

If you're a pop culture aficionado, the jeans hue is your ideal pair! Although it does not seem, especially since we talk about a color so present in our life (to remember the blue color chart), there is a tasty relief in the air of reinventing the wardrobe with pieces in this style.


Look at the opportunity: urban fashion forever loves a total jeans look (whether in color or in denim looks)!

Look at her, all natural!

Taylor Swift come over here! Jokes aside, the singer has popularized earthy tones and is increasingly irresistible not to have these wild card models that bring a variation of the nude hue! Each tone of this color chart has the same functionality as black and white, that is, be the basis for a look or function as a point of neutrality. And because it's also extremely versatile, seriously! With flat and baguette bag, you've just found the perfect comfy!

Do you know what all those Moleca combos have in common? Build a fashion closet full of basic items that work in every moment of day to day.

Play it, girl! Find the favorite duo to call your own! Do not forget to send a photo of your look to us, over there in Moleca's Instagram DM (@moleca_oficial).



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