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>MOLECA HQ | 03.11.2023


Even without the slightest intention, it's impossible not to be surprised when you come across shoes full of personality and updated backpacks from Moleca without letting out a 'WOW'


Let's talk about a subject that warms the heart and makes you smile for nothing: receiving pampering! After all, who doesn't love receiving gifts and, even more so, giving them to someone special? And if you're one of those, you can keep it that way... According to Harvard scientists, this symbolic act provokes immense satisfaction and pride in the author of the action. When this happens, we feel the 'dopamine effect' (a kind of pleasure discharge) on the spot. So, you know, every time you please your bestie, crush, teacher, or family, this manifestation will activate a chemical reaction of pure joy.


Another researcher, from the University of British Columbia in Canada, shared a valuable tip for buying the perfect gift: choose something in common with the recipient, that is, you. Focus on shared interests and similar tastes, because who better to choose a treat than a person who shares a little piece of your world? Fashion pieces are among the most sought after and desired, such as a trendy look, a stylish accessory, something that generates that instant match.


Mixed and matched

Moleca comes out in support of those who love to prepare a good surprise and delivers the foolproof match to cause a twinkle in the eye, sequential sighs until the long-awaited 'I LOVED IT'! Sneakers are the passion of anyone who loves the street style aesthetic with a bold touch to catch the eye immediately.


Focus on the details to understand: ultra-modern design with reference to skateboarding culture, upper in a mix of colors, bringing off-white as the flagship and the trump card for every outfit, in addition to the slight tractor sole and smart shoelaces, making it easy to put them on. Want to enhance the styling? Go for colorful cotton and lurex socks for a casual outfit full of attitude.


And to form a respectable duo for the day-to-day, the backpacks from Moleca can't be missed. The highlight is the textured weave in the shades of the season - pink, denim, and nude - and the additional 'so cute' lucky charms (one more beautiful than the other) with a cool & funny mood, infusing the outfit with good vibes.








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