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>MOLECA HQ | 26.01.2024

No bad fashion girls!


If you're a Moleca girl, carrying the 'originality' DNA is more than natural. If you ALSO join the trend of the moment, then get ready to win over a legion of fans


Twenty years have passed (2004 >>2024), but it seems like yesterday. The reboot of Mean Girls - The Musical premiered on a typical Wednesday (it couldn't be any other way!), taking generations X - those born between 1965 and 1981 - and millennial - those born between 1981 and 1995 - on an almost two-hour reunion of pure nostalgia. Perhaps, if we could contribute a small suggestion, how about taking a ride on one of the super trends (which emerged in 2023 and is still going strong) and updating one of the most iconic movie catchphrases to "on Wednesdays we wear... magenta"?


Would the much-hyped characters Candy Heron and Regina George approve of the fashion tip? Topping the box office in the US and one of the five most-watched films in Brazil, #MeanGirls continues to be a major influence on female audiences with more than a million mentions on TikTok, while the hashtag #meangirls (all lowercase) receives more than two million views on its next-door network, Instagram.


The Y2K-inspired outfits are a total hit. With that in mind, there's no harm in incorporating the vibrant, audacious shade with a touch of rebellion - it leaves its mark wherever it goes - into your closet. Magenta has the same hypnotic effect as the unique 'Plastics'.


Fashion store window

So, if you can't live without a trend to call your own to create highly stylish outfits, go for the hottest shade of the season. Combining magenta with other intense colors, such as orange, purple, or green, gives you compositions with personality and a surprising mood. The magenta + animal print combo rocks maximalist outfits. Pairing it with a palette of neutral shades or 'all-magenta looks' brings elegance.


Moleca welcomes the must-have shade and incorporates it into its top-notch selection. Summer calls for fresh options, like the shoes in this post for you to collect: clogs, flats, thong sandals, and block-heel sandals. All of them have an authentic design and are finished with distinctive straps, leaving your feet gracefully exposed.


Now, take a breath to face the collection of bags by Moleca. The four shapes are an enchanting parade. The rounded bag with its casual & cool look. To make a triumphant entrance, bet your chips on the quilted shoulder bag with a chain strap. Bonus: if you want to make the look even more modern, use it as a crossbody bag. For an 'old money' look (in which classic influences are given a contemporary makeover), the very ladylike handbag is the best choice. And the shopping bag is synonymous with modernity. Now, to add a girlie touch, the multicolored lucky charms from Moleca are the perfect choice to give your bags that girlish vibe. Love it?





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