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>MOLECA HQ | 08.02.2023

Moleca?s Astral Paradise


No Mercury Retrograde over here! Forecast for the coming days: solar mood for you to show off the most charming off-white collection of the season and shine in all houses of your fashion chart!


The year promises many emotions! This, at least, is the intention of the Moon, ruler of 2023! You can count on one thing: energy and intuition will be implicit in your decisions. The archetype of the feminine, of motherhood and fertility, the empowerment of women will be on 365 days. Sensations will guide the insights, transporting everything that is felt deeply from the inside out. And of course, this will also reflect in your look, girl! Therefore, the maxi trend of the time is to be in phases. Take advantage of each of them by experiencing several versions of yourself.


Symbol of strength, affection, and mystery, the Moon dialogues intimately with super-powered girls. Changes happen naturally, and its influence is very welcome, even more so if the intention is to try out, experience new pleasures, and even reinvent yourself, who knows! While the Sun is Yang, masculine strength and daytime presence, the Moon is Yin, mastery of sensitivity and perception, nighttime, ready to boost different areas during its phases. So, let's open ourselves to its charms? Just go with the flow!


Speaking of phases, the new moon brings the opportunity for new beginnings, those worthy of 180 degrees, perfect for the boldest ones! Do you know that radical haircut, the pixie cut (the authentic " little Johnny"), that you have been dating? This is the time, go for it! The crescent moon suggests commitment. Focus on your goal and expect good results! At the full moon, you celebrate successful partnerships, those who were your besties! The waning moon calls for a pause, to let go of what is necessary and make room for the new - it may even be to expand the space to receive Moleca's designs - very in tune with this vibe – you know!


Open Sky

Moleca has the ideal shoes for you to explore each of your cycles in top style. After all, the 12 signs of the Zodiac have their own fashionista characteristics to add flair to the outfit. And with the lunar reinforcement in action, it will be 12 months of enchantment. We collaborate with a pinch of forecasts - astrological and main trends - to elect only the 'hits and its' with a lot of fashion information. One of them is the imperial arrival of off-white - with the same incandescent properties as the Moon - to brighten up each and every outfit!!


Dear Cancerians, this year is yours! Life and relationships are calling you for a season of glory and success. Get these little hearts ready! Pisceans can expect excellent professional and financial openings. So, celebrate the good news with the off-white sandal with glitter varnish straps and a tractor sole, an excellent choice to be the center of attention, babies!


However, the bag with an elongated strap, glitter cover, magnet closure, and the M for Moleca in silver matches perfectly with the authentic and attitude-laden mood of the Leo and Aquarian women, who deserve to live in a brand new era. Expect an overload of events because the year is full of changes and achievements. But you are more than ready - and with the right outfit - to embrace whatever comes! Taurines and Sagittarians can put their feet on the ground - in great style, comfort, and totally girlie - with ballet flats with Moleca's rustic off-white fabric and lace-up detailing for an intense journey of much expansion, especially in the area of love. Yeah!


The spotlight will also be on Librans and Scorpios. The Moon invites them to make a special movement of self-analysis and calls them to experience their most hidden desires. A dose of eclipses will reveal breakthroughs and highlight talents. And since there is no escaping from so much protagonism, the multi-off-white sandal with holographic strap and block heels is more than suitable for occasions of extreme reverence.


Moment of the Virgos: Year of deepening. It's a time to feel and get organized without rushing to plan and reap beautiful fruits in the professional and relationship areas. Nothing better than keeping the lightness with the stylized flat with braided straps, a must-have as necessary as your peace of mind. And finally, Aryans, Gemini, and Capricornians will enjoy a 2023 in which the keywords are maturity, spiritual structure, and knowledge. The off-white shoulder bag with a braided finish is the perfect timeless piece to carry and keep your dreams and achievements close to you.




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