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>MOLECA HQ | 01.09.2023

Want to innovate in the look? Go for the Moleca dump!

We present the impeccable new duo of the brand for you to create stunning looks and post your carousel with the top 10!


It's not enough to be just a comeback! If the trend is cool and ensures a great look, then it has everything to be a success. Now imagine the power of three maxi trends combined to dominate the world - at least the fashion world - huh! Here it is: challenge more than accomplished! Very approved, acclaimed, and a must-have in the closet of fashionistas, the ballet flats (1st maxi trend) are already the it-shoe of the moment. Now, the 'mary jane' design (2nd super trend) - delicate and super feminine - is back in the spotlight and updates the romantic aesthetic. 


Consecrated by the French designer Coco Chanel and at the top in the 1990s, following the preppy movement highlighted by the movie Clueless, this footwear took great flights and landed on the catwalks of international Fashion Weeks, printing pop culture and promising to last for many seasons. With contemporary shapes and stylizations, the versatile 'doll shoe' also matches high-low outfits (a mix of stripped and luxurious pieces) with a full street-style footprint.


Favorite it now!

To promote that boost in the outfit, Moleca delivers everything - and a little more - with the metallic effect (3rd super trend). The mary jane ballet flats in off-white, nude, and black shades - the foolproof classics - are finished in varnish, which refers to the shiny touch, one of the statements of the season. And the details that will make you declare unconditional love are in the thin toe and the rounded strap closure ( oh, so cute!).


If you want to bet on the matching dress code, take home your new bestie: a mini shoulder bag in quilting and chain straps in the same colors as your 'mary jane'.  Tip: you can also invest in the duo of sober tones. The B&W is flawless, as well as the nude with off-white or black keeps the elegance and sophistication at the top.





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