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>MOLECA HQ | 02.02.2024

React girl, put on a Moleca sneaker!


There's no way not to attract attention or all eyes to the stunning sports shoes from the most fashion-forward brand in the world! Are you ready to cause a stir? Then just pick a pair and go...


Raise your hand if you love good memes! One of the countless creations of the internet, videos, photos, or phrases refer to funny moments or a specific situation, going viral at the speed of light on social networks. There are already several hits, and you've certainly found yourself reproducing some of them, come on! There are those that soon fall by the wayside and others that go down in history - even if only for a short time, as is the case on the web. In fact, this is a very efficient way of creating an immediate connection with consumers.


More than just a catchphrase, memes also add a touch of humor and authenticity to the fashion scene. Catching a ride on this trend, we invite you to share which meme best defines your passion for sneakers. A fashion obsession, sneakers have earned the status of 'the king of street style', and no wonder why. It's one of the easiest shoes to coordinate with a variety of aesthetics, elevating any million-dollar look. We don't want to brag, but Moleca has a collection of the most amazing sports shoes - original design and impeccable finish - but there will be signs... So, which of these memes, oops, sneakers match your vibe, girl?


I don't even have clothes for that, but sneakers...

That feeling of indecision when it comes to defining an outfit can happen quite often, but the classic white sneaker is a sure bet. Absolutely. Their unparalleled versatility combines with casual outfits right through to stripped-down glam chic.  If it is a Moleca version, then it is worth multiplying the ravishing result by 1000. The upper has a minimalist detail with exposed stitching and a soft lining in a different tone on the back, enhancing comfort in the heel.


If I can't parade around in a high-top from Moleca, I won't even leave the house

Do you want a bath in style? You got it. The high-top style, a reference to the hype of basketball combined with the timelessness of all white, features a cool finish with exposed stitching, perforations, and the Moleca signature stamped on the tongue, revering the urban look, a perfect match with the athleisure dress code (a mix of leisure pieces with an athletic figure).


Just going for a quick stroll over there

To spread a lot of attitude around, bet on the full-color versions, which translate into a candy & fun atmosphere. Easy to put on - with smart shoelaces (no need to tie them) - Moleca offers three options with a modern shape wrapped in different combos of white, beige, gold, pink, denim, and off-white shades.


Oh, and as a true Moleca girl, you really value the WOW factor! Highlight your look with colorful cotton or lurex socks and go out for a drink, to party, to dance, to be cool, in great style, right girl!





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