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>MOLECA HQ | 28.11.2023

Do you know the real meaning of "whatever"? This post explains!

This wish-ballet flat from Moleca has successfully updated the definition of 'stylish' and comes in a stunning color palette so you don't have to decide for just one but for all the pairs in the collection


It boasts an iconic shape, seen from Coco Chanel's creations to the cover of Harry Styles' album (Hary's House). It has an elegant past and a majestic present. And during New York Fashion Week alone, it crossed the runway several times incorporating the fashion collections of different labels. Far beyond a nostalgic comeback, the ballet shoe, especially the ballerina cap toe version, is building another remarkable chapter in its history. From the must-have piece in women's closets to the culture of comfort, the it-shoe is recording meteoric appearances, come and see!


The 'cringe' item - in the era of the 2000s - has turned the tables and is fully online in the coveted product list of the Lyst Index (which tracks the most searched-for products in the world!) for the second half of 2023. Search your memory for a 'girlie' tulle skirt. Now, cut to the present day. On TikTok, it's only possible to find it with far-reaching hashtags. The #balletcore aesthetic (1 billion mentions) embraces the grace of ballet with contemporary design, bringing the revamped #balletflats (171 million views) to street style and fashionistas' radar!


A Wow Revival!

And since Moleca does not mess around when it comes to offering us fabulous launches, you should get ready to fall in love with the cutest ballet flats you're going to see in this post. The cap toe version - a classic recognized by its toe in a contrasting color or material, different from the rest of the upper - has a modern touch with a doll-styling vibe featuring a delicate ankle strap.


Oh, of course, and you can also opt for neutral combinations - nude + black, pink + black, and white off + black, or with the metallic explosion of silver + black, and gold + black. And let's demystify the idea that the shoe only coordinates with romantic looks, shall we? Make the most of your look, betting on a glam boost to compose foolproof outfits: the cap-toe ballet flats from Moleca go very well with the duo of a silk dress and leather jacket, bodysuit and jeans, a tank top and tailored pants, and even with a rocker make-up with smokey eyes and glowing skin.


As a matter of fact, you can even rock classic ballet steps to the beat of heavy metal. Take the Birmingham Royal Ballet's corps de ballet in the UK, which went viral dancing to the sound of the powerful guitar riff. 




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