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>MOLECA HQ | 05.07.2022

Can you match vichy + poá in the same look?

Moleca?s HQ answers and even teaches you a simple way to start using this little mixture of prints!

Girls, we took a break from our chores to let you know that yes, we do answer the questions that arrive at Moleca's DM. And today, the chosen one is about the doubt in combining two different prints in the same look. In this case, vichy and poá. Very calm at this time, no dramatic pauses! And we swear there is no need to press the SOS button!

Come with us to find out about this unmissable trend!!

We have already told you a little bit about Vichy! But, to quickly recap, this plaid pattern was a hit in the 50's and 60's, also known as gingham, it returned to the radar of fashion influencers on Instagram and became popular in the hands of our personal friend Emily, directly from Paris ( #EmilyInParis). An iconic comeback that reached handbags, shoes, and other types of accessories we love! Proving to be more versatile than before, in the same way as poá.

Poá, or polka dots, also has its roots in the 60s. However, it was very successful in the 80s, on silk fabrics, and in the 90s, stamping the success of minimalism. It became as casual as its little sister vichy, gaining space between frills, in envelope dresses full of layers and puffed sleeves. And also like vichy, the print always steps out of its own comfort zone, and nowadays there are a variety of attractive shades, such as navy blue, brown, and yellow.

Despite their distinguished appearance, both have the same essence: retro. They never lose their classic features every time they come back into the spotlight, one of the reasons they are so beloved. Including the fact that they are reminiscent of golden ages that created the concept of divas, popularized cinema, and changed the way fashion is consumed. Look how the world goes around and sometimes comes back to the same point: today we are back to talk about "screen fashion", nickname screen style, ruling everything again, but now in the digital world!

There is no way to resist, specially because of the strong statement power of these prints. Even more for the girls who follow fashion inspired by some esthetic - or aesthetic, a word from the art world that has contributed to classify the trends revived on Instagram and TikTok. Like the aforementioned retro and cottagecore, examples that, it is worth revealing, have become lifestyle, inspiring several reinterpretations.

And is there any way to combine the two prints at the same time?

Yes! Just bet on the monochrome of the items that carry the prints!

And of course we indicate a tone of the moment: the light turquoise. It has everything to do with these prints, especially because it is neutral and soft, making it easy to put together looks. Letting the vichy of the shoulder bag and the poá of the romantic flat speak for themselves! 

For clothes, the tip is to combine them in layers, where one piece can have a dark or vibrant tone. Or be neutral as well, but as long as your new Moleca BFFs don't lose the limelight! After all, both are focal points here. Since the classic factor is guaranteed, street style can be super cool. And the divine plus comes from shiny accessories, such as items in gold or with finishing in stones.

Ready to rock your looks and teach your friends the magic art of mix and match, girls? We can't wait to see the results in the form of photos, of course! Send us everything on@moleca_oficial! DM! And if you have any questions, there you can press the SOS button, because the Moleca HQ will arise promptly to answer all your questions about trends and such! 



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