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>MOLECA HQ | 25.05.2022

Top 3 ballet flats that we love!

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You know the DIY (handmade) trend that has taken over social networks? It all started with a crochet piece that became a fever, and people wanted to create their own version right away. From then on they discovered a new hobby, which involves a lot of affection and sentimental value. And Moleca applied this inspiration that is pure love in the form of texture in its ballet flats.

And in this mix, pointed details come into play, another name for the pointed beak, and in soft colors such as pink, also named pop pastel, which is a key element in the feminine look with great application on a daily basis. What's more, reference follows the Regencycore color palette, the romantic and nostalgic vibe has spread, and is inspired by the hit streaming series Bridgerton.


Have you noticed how accessories have gained emphasis in fashion? It's the #joyfulexpression inspiration - expression related to things that lift our mood - and also for the Zoom look, which make our look more cheerful and much more feminine. Chains have gained a more than relevant role in this new context. And Moleca presents a reloaded version of this trend: now the chains take the shape of texture on the upper, which also receives an application with the detail. Cool, right?

And this megatrend is followed by colors like off-white, the new must-have in women's style. And also with touches of light turquoise, another important trend with reference to various elements of nature, which has assumed an important role in our lives and in our new lifestyle, isn't it?


Red is a vibrant and timeless color, and a ballet flat shoe in this shade is well worth the investment. It is that shade related to joy and that promotes an upgrade in the look in a matter of seconds. Besides, it is one of the highlights in the fashion scene and has been called Luscious Red.

This color looks amazing in monochromatic outfits, or even as a focal point in shoes and accessories. And what about a match that is really hot? The combination of red and blue, two primary colors that make your look even more modern and relaxed. And for an extra highlight, apply off-white together with this duo. We ship it a lot!



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