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>MOLECA HQ | 13.04.2023

Come and meet the sequel of love by Moleca!

OMG, let me warn you that there is so much love declared in the form of fashion that your closet will work just like a mother's heart: there is always room for one more... pair


Hey girl, come here to stay on top of the hottest trends of the moment, which of course, Moleca has already adopted in its selection of successes. Remember the puffer mania? From the coldest season to all seasons of the year, the quilted aesthetic, also nicknamed the puffer pillow because of the inflated pillow effect, is no longer a privilege of jackets, and has entered the hall of fashionista pieces (now present in dresses, shoes, sunglasses, and bags, my dear!) The maxi fluffy mood has become so popular in recent months that it has become that must-have item, incisively hyped on the radar of influencers and social networks. TikTok alone has received over 330 million bookmarks with this reference. 


Another giant buzz, a promise of success, comes with the current color-trend, which comes to share the spotlight with the #barbiecore aesthetic. We are talking about the electricity of cerulean blue. Ready to make an impact and take down, once and for all, the old speech about 'girls wear pink and boys wear blue'? Kim Kardashian proved to be a mega fan of the shade, posing for the spotlight in a breathtaking monochromatic dress code. In contrast to the intense chromatic palette, the color rosé also debuts in Moleca's collection and on the street style with a lot of protagonism.


Dream team

Let's agree that no nuance is exclusive to one gender. And everybody has the right to exude style. Well, if it depends on Moleca's it shoes, the feminine audience will be abundant in options in the two highly coveted shades. One of the brand's great crushes, the ballet flat, appears in rosé and cerulean blue versions with a modern canvas texture finish and in a girlie mood, in the Mary Jane version (doll).


Sneakers, besties for all occasions, are the perfect choice. The micro-perforated upper brings femininity to the outfit and you can still choose between the conventional sole and the higher one to upgrade casual looks. Detail for the outline in the same color, how charming! Now, get ready to surrender to the new shoulder bag with braided elements, printing a floater touch. And more, it scores 10 points for functionality with a two-button magnet closure, adjustable crossbody strap, and flawless styling with a golden metal plate. How can you not love it?!



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