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>MOLECA HQ | 23.10.2023

Summer, I have arrived!

The novelties are endless and Moleca is here to follow all the fashion spoilers with a lot of irreverence and personality


It's official: there's an aesthetic, adopted by it-girls in the northern hemisphere, becoming an obsession in Brazil - with over 730 million mentions on Tiktok - promising to set the streets alight in the hottest season of 2024. The maxi trend has an exotic name, welcome comfort, and undeniable fashion appeal. We're talking about jorts. You've never seen or worn them, but have you heard of them? The very different term (as we've already said!) is making a revamped comeback, combining the versatility of shorts with the timeless charm of jeans.


The reinterpretation of the classic bermuda shorts - now a little above or surpassing the knees - takes on a wide, modern shape with very bold styling. With reference to basketball courts - it is part of the family of new lengths enveloped by fashion, like the midi skirt, and is one of the favorite pieces in singer Billie Eilish's authentic outfits. The evolution of the famous bermuda shorts is joined by tailoring, increasing the possibilities for a fresh look with a lot of style.


Lightness and high spirits

And if the thermometers get higher, Moleca puts its collections into play to match the items in your closet with your legs popping out. The buckle sandals with tractor soles and buckles with a maximalist mood and the luminescence of gold and silver stamp a bold design with a unique finish! The infinity of colors - an impeccable color palette with the season's trendy shades (nude, black, off-white, denim, and pink), will make your looks unbeatable and summery, girl! And if the weather cools down, the look doesn't have to be jeopardized! Just bet on cotton socks and embrace an outfit full of attitude!!


Now, in a more delicate version, the buckles also play their 'so cute' role on flats with straps, leaving the instep showing in total harmony with the hot weather. Not to mention, they're perfect for taking on your trip. The variety of shades allows them to be coordinated with the dress code of the laid-back girl, ready to receive a thousand and one likes.







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