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>MOLECA HQ | 14.11.2023

We rock, baby!

Turn up the volume on your style with Moleca's metallic riffs


If there's one thing we've learned from the celebs, influencers, and the hottest trends in street style and on social media, it's that accessories are the key point or secret weapon for transforming any 'pocket look' into a real show of style. Speaking of which, music festivals - coveted in the annual calendar, such as Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Coachella, Rock in Rio, The Town, Tomorrowland - have been the main stage for showcasing fashion in which creativity and daring steal the spotlight and make jewelry and costume jewelry the true fashion protagonists.


Shiny metals take all the blame for making you stand out from the crowd, besides making all the difference to your outfit. Silver or gold? It doesn't matter (even mixing them all together is allowed). The classics in these shades, such as maxi earrings, oversized rings, and layered necklaces serve up shots and shots of attitude and complement the look with a statement effect. Sparkle has never been so trendy, even for those who avoid luminescent power during the day. But the tables have turned and now the rule is let's shine.


Rock stars of the season

It has won its place in the unbeatable dress code and in the closets of it-girls who dismiss any predictable style. The metallic aesthetic remains with one foot in the Y2K vibe (2000s) and the other in futuristic appeal with contemporary textures and styling. Whether it's to enhance a basic casual outfit or boost a combination with bright pieces, Moleca accomplishes its role as a trendsetter and presents its rocker band.


Forget any definition of sports shoes before you come across this footwear star. The sneakers with box soles have a distinctive shape with remixed perforations on the metallic upper. Be surprised by the color palette - gold, denim, and pink! - and the easy-fitting system with elastic shoelaces in the same shade as the upper (no need to tie them), finished off with such a cute gold plaque.


Fans of the slipper design (a variation of the ballet flat) can also count on a range of exuberant shades (silver, gold, and pink). Oh, and as much as these Moleca shoes offer in terms of shine, they also offer in terms of comfort, don't you think? So, let's invite the besties to the 'get ready with me' with the most radiant versions. Then all you have to do is get loose, sing out loud, dance your heart out, and show off that look of millions, right girl?





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