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>BEHAVIOR | 21.03.2023

They\'re in charge to take over the world and fashion!


Moleca does not let go of the hands - or the feet - of women, owners of the hustle and bustle, who love to make history always with plenty of attitude, of course!


There is something we want to ask you: to whom do you give the power of your life? To yourself? Congratulations, girl! It's woo-hoo after woo-hoo! Pride defines the journey - more and more loaded with achievements, yay! - of the empowered woman. This spicy charm is a reflection of a lot of self-knowledge and putting yourself as the central point in your priorities. The desire to make things happen only grows and appears among the feminine public, especially when the subject is to seek and improve their talents.


In the 'back to school' period, the straight talk here goes to the women focused on refining their skills and making the most varied dreams come true. After all, those who see stunning photos don't see your day-to-day struggle. But we are keeping an eye on this growing autonomy, right power girls?! Did you know that WOMEN are the majority in Higher Education? At least in Brazil, yes! In 2020, 838,152 women enrolled in a university against 668,996 men. According to data from the Higher Education Census, held by the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) and the Ministry of Education (MEC), released last year, the super powered women represent 54.2% of the people enrolled in master's and doctorate studies.


Hold on, because they do not stop surprising! A survey conducted with women in 15 countries, including Brazilians, found that 72% of them want to open their own business. And another study showed that three out of four are entrepreneurs! Among the great motivations are: being the big boss, more flexibility, following their hearts, venturing into a new career, and helping to improve the world. Do you identify yourself? Then let's go!


Well-dressed to be the boss!

Now, from BFF to BFF: Moleca fully supports those who strive to shine. So it brings incredible crushes to accompany you during the hours of study and total concentration at work. Of course, comfort is the brand's permanent concern, but those who try Moleca understand, immediately, that a bold fashionista touch is present in all designs. After all, keeping your style collaborates not only to boost your self-esteem but also to maximize your achievements with a flawless outfit.


Well, there are plenty of options. Check out the top selection we have prepared! On one side, a highlight in Sicilian yellow for girls who like an electrifying routine. The sneakers with a very trendy design give a relaxed vibe for the decision-making. The buckle sandal imprints attitude and the flat with authentic shape - featuring a stylized zebra print with a bow - takes any office look away from the obvious. And to enhance the look of the gorgeous businesswoman, the mini bag with adjustable crossbody strap is a must-have piece (worth the repetition!).


On the other hand, the nude concept  reigns supreme and nurtures the crown of majesty of our entrepreneurial girls. The comeback of the ballet flat revives the classic outfit with tradition and elegance. The wedge sandal ensures femininity in the dress code without giving up the comfy mood. The flat with natural inspiration and straps in elastic and contrasting with the cream shade - finished with manual stitching - presents delicacy and is perfect with casual or tailored outfits, as well as the mule with braided straps, which adds value to the feet and highlights - very much! - its originality. And the novelty of Moleca, the baby bag with geometric and multi-functional shape, since it can be used as a crossbody bag or carried in the hand, arrives to multiply the powerful aesthetics of every fashion girl!











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