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>BEHAVIOR | 18.11.2022

What is your biggest project for 2023?

Well, Moleca's project is to continue to create functional and contemporary designs that meet the needs of this trendy, original woman who puts herself as a priority!


The end of the year is here, knocking at the door, and everyone is running to catch up on the list of decisions for new habits, and desires, and to start 2023 with many plans. But this agenda goes beyond dieting or starting the gym... A common desire among women has drawn a lot of attention. The item 'traveling alone' has advanced a few positions and is in the TOP 3 of the goals to be achieved in the next calendar. 

That's it, girl! Hit the road, go on adventures, live unknown experiences, and enjoy the time with just you, are some of the reasons to get out into the big wide world - alone!

According to a survey by Airbnb (an online platform for renting accommodation around the world), Brazil is among the five countries with more women traveling on their own to the many places on the planet. 


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Another study conducted by the Ministry of Tourism indicates that one in seven Brazilian women will make the trip of their dreams, alone, in the coming months. So there is no point in provoking these determined and empowered women with questions like 'Aren't you afraid?' 'Don't you have a bestie to go with you?' 'What's the fun of going without someone to share things with?'


Packed and ready to go!

As Moleca is well acquainted with girl power, we know that the feminine audience empowers itself and gives all the support to those who are thinking of adding this topic to their wishlist for the season. So, you can buy your ticket, choose your destination and start making your itinerary, because we will answer your main doubts, answering what is TRUTH and MYTH for you to kick-start your backpacking project. Check it out!


Traveling alone does not have fun – MYTH

Just think about it: you are free to wake up whenever you want, follow a personalized schedule focused on your interests to visit the places of your choice, and do as many stories and reels as you want! You are the one who controls your time. 


Traveling alone meets more people – TRUTH

This note is true! When we are alone, we become more sociable. You learn to look around and make friends easily. Be it where you are staying or on the tours, someone is always in the same boat. 


Only lonely people without friends travel alone – MYTH

Girl, this is for sure fake news! Remember: you can do anything. Who said that happiness depends on others? It is in the simple things, small achievements, and even in the opportunity to take yourself for a walk, to have some time off to take care of just yourself. 


Traveling alone is challenging – TRUTH

And who says this is bad? Yes, you may face some fancy difficulties, but everything new also brings learning. Spending time with yourself means surrendering to a rewarding process of self-knowledge. 


Alone, yes! Lonely, never!

Well, one of the most fun moments is to think about the outfits. Moleca accompanies you and does not let go of your hand (or better, your feet!) for a minute. And there is a shoe to go with the most varied scenarios and looks without taking up space and still optimizing the outfits. Take a look: 


Comfy and High-spirited Mood

No excess baggage. So let's plan what to pack. Moleca's ballet flats are a good choice: you can walk for hours without getting tired and still spread charm everywhere you go. You feel like stepping on clouds because of the soft insole. The versatility makes it easy to match with any dress code and the ideal is to alternate the nude and metallic green versions to maximize the outfit options. 


A stylish shout for freedom

To brighten up the look, the fisherman sandal in Sicilian shades does its job. With a modern design - thick straps and rustic aesthetics - it ensures a fashionista touch to casual proposals and is very practical. Just put them on and go! For the nightlife, the nude sandal with a gradient effect + glitter on the straps has total leadership. The block heel keeps the comfort at a high level and you can enjoy the evening in the best mood.


Authentic functionality

There is nothing better than to bet on a scandalous bag to finish your styling. Moleca presents two designs with impeccable shapes! If you are one of those who loves shopping - and give souvenirs to the besties and family - the nude shopper bag is highly recommended. For a casual stroll, the Sicilian-colored bag with round aesthetics gives off an urban vibe with a lot of presence. 

So, have a nice trip, girl!


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