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>FASHION | 28.10.2022

Key-piece: eternal inspiration or savior of the nation?

Both! What we really like is to feel good with no expiration date (hello self-esteem!), so check out the Moleca designs that have already won your heart, and of course, your look



Trends come in, trends come out, and it is common to want the look of the season to parade around. But we will prove that a cool closet is not only made of super-trendy. On the opposite. You can get 'all worked up' in style by investing in a very powerful item: the key piece! Timeless, it is more than important, it is necessary for the closet of every fashion girl. Never underestimate the power of key pieces to compose a wow outfit, right?



Read about: combining bag and shoe!


If you are in doubt about whether or not you have this trump card up your sleeve, we will help you find out! I'm sure you have at least one of the seven pieces that are almost unanimously pointed out by the main fashion magazines as the starting point for an authentic dress code. And these are: jeans pants, tailored pants (in navy blue, black, or white), basic black dress, white shirt, plain T-shirt - opt for neutral shades such as black, white, gray, and beige - and jackets, leather, and jeans.


Do you identify yourself? The coolest thing is that you can combine them with each other or bet on contrasts, in the best hi-lo mood (mix of opposite pieces, joining the casual to the sophisticated). Moleca brings two proposals to match any outfit. On one side, the tradition of 'classy' black, and on the other, the inviting joy of coral elegance. Now, keep an eye on the designs so you can leave here with an idea of the look in your head (and feet, too!).



Where to find!



Get ready with Moleca! (dress up with Moleca's tips)


The key pieces can save many compositions from the obvious. Just focus on versatility with a touch of modernity and... ...and there you go! Guaranteed success.


The partnership of prints and stripes: exclusive aesthetics without much effort


Here, the suggestion is to highlight one part of the outfit. You can use patterns with the same shades, or choose a mix of prints. If you are into light shades, such as cream, or off-white, Moleca's designs in coral elegance collaborate to lighten up the styling. For a casual vibe, the ballet flat is an ideal pair. But if you prefer the black and white duo, the black ballet flat is the best choice for any occasion.


Elegance with simplicity: you can see it right here



This is the main function of the white shirt and tailored pants. These pieces are synonymous with refinement. To take away the office look concept, make new compositions, such as a leather skirt with the shirt, and a shoulder-to-shoulder blouse with the pants. Monochromatic looks are also easy to coordinate and add an urban chic touch. To top it off, focus on the crossbody bags from Moleca. Both the bucket bag in the coral elegance color and stylized with chains and the black version will be the highlight of your outfit full of attitude.


One-piece: the trend that doesn't walk alone



There is no need to mention the magnitude of a basic black, is there? It is already complete on its own. Now, it is always worth having around the BFF we love. In this case, the wedge from Moleca fits like a glove to compose this fashionista duo. But other unique pieces can also cause this result, such as jumpsuits of different shapes (straight or wide) to create fun looks. The fisherman sandal with tractor sole in the coral elegance shade arrives to finish off your 'look' with a lot of originality.





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