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>FASHION | 06.05.2022

Sneakers: sports item to street style star

Between you and me: this is the most beloved shoe of all times!

When a shoe joins style and versatility it is impossible not to become the desire piece of the ones most tuned in to fashion. In fact, fashion girls have been investing in their own comfort for a long time to adhere to their daily lives, with extreme functionality. And guess what:

Sneaker is the preferred choice!!

Once seen as exclusive to sporting activities, it has put that fame aside in recent years thanks to celebrity culture. If you lo-ve to follow the music world, you know that several singers have given themselves in to this shoe (and we tell everything in this post Passionate about Moleca's sports shoes? Come that we have #novelties!). Reviving the Y2K trend — which reveres the 2000s and remains firm on feeds and street style. Today having a pair is the same as raising status and being a #coolgirl.

And of course the sneaker has its own trajectory. An example comes from 1839: it was made of leather. Thank to the North American Charles Goodyear, who discovered a way to vulcanize rubber and make it malleable, the shoe began to get comfortable. Quite a discovery that influenced the manufacturers of the branch at the time, who replaced the leather applied to the sole ofthe model worn by cricket players.

Soon, the novelty spread, since the design update made it more lightweight and allowed for more agile movements. So that's when the item gained a new modeling and was named sneaker. Which partly justifies the initial dominance on the male audience, as men squandered the latest trends, especially on basketball courts. For women, the changes happened little by little, as in the advent of MTV that put in the spotlight new ways of adhering to this shoe.

Treading for more space

Another interesting clipping is: around 1950, sneakers began to be incorporated to women's everyday life and it was gaining more and more prominence. The reason? A liberation of the post-war period! Over the years, it has become essential to dictate identity and represent types of behavior (just like MTV). An example: be seen as an attitude and rebellion symbol, something that happened between rock or punk rock artists - Avril Lavigne and Pitty were great influencers (and continue to be!!) in the fashion of the 2000s.

Among so many evolutions, women's sneakers gained the streets for good in 1980 and became a reference in the world of fashion and a symbol of lifestyle. With varied designs, colors, details and different materials, it is an indispensable  wildcard and now signs sports looks, both formal and informal. Even wedding dresses accompanied by beautiful sneakers has become a norm. Isn't that amazing??

It is worth saying that female participation has grown significantly in recent years, inspiring this industry and streetwear, making room for more inclusion and breaking stereotypes. And there was the Tokyo Olympics, who remembers it? Putting the #queens of skateboarding in evidence next to the sneakers that accompanied them in the competition!

Now it's time for sustainability

With Moleca, you can find several models, with robust soles, easy fit, colorful! There is plenty and the best part is that the entire collection (along with the other lines of the brand) cares about the environment and is free of animal raw material!

Point that reveals another very important trend and that includes casual sports: conscious consumption has led among women who bet on sustainability! This is another part of these shoes' history, connected with the new contemporary needs, especially among the people of GenZ (Generation Z, born between 1995 and 2010), who make purchasing decisions based on principles in favor of nature!

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How to combine sneakers with your outfits?

As mentioned, the sneaker has been on the rise for a looooong time and all on account of versatility. It can be worn with any clothes and you can assemble custom outfits.

Women of dramatic urban and creative style love unusual mixtures. With these shoes, then, they can make endless combinations, such as wearing a blouse with the colors of the Rainbow, shorts of the predominant color of the first piece, and colorful sneakers to complete.

Even lovecore worshipers (aesthetics which proposes romantic looks, full of hearts and pastel tones) can come up with productions. Extolling a soft and cozy vibe, which is exactly what pleases when choosing the ideal sneaker and go out complete to meet friends.

And the part we love: you can create some sensational matches with dress, skirt, jumpsuit, between maximalist pieces and, of course, investing in Sporty Spice, inspired by Mel C, member of the Spice Girls. From there on, the choice of model is on you and Moleca has separated the most requested ones for you to rock right now!


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