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>MOLECA HQ | 30.03.2022

Passionate about Molecas sports shoes? Come that we have novelties!

The whole look connected with pop culture is one of the inspirations of these new models that can not be missing in your collection.

Write it down, girls: the current scene of casual sports is #AboutThat: the union between pop + nostalgic! After all, each season brings a new aesthetic that ends up represented in the design of these shoes that we love! And that earn all the likes and shares!

Speaking of social networks too: they are responsible for propagating the tenniscore, that is, the look of tennis courts! Giving you the opportunity to brush up on streetwear with retro details or leave home as if you were a character from series like Gossip Girl, the mighty #preppygirl! In fact, it is in this super-connected environment that the peeps in the looks of celebrities and fashion influencers happen and guess what — the taste now is for personalized and multicolored sports shoes.

Some facts from several others that the HQ Moleca introduces to you! Follow the thread!

Pop culture

Who loves to be inspired by singers when it comes to putting together the outfit of the day?

There are so many artists who have influenced the use of sneakers! Making it cool or, as they say on Twitter, #king. Even the references are numerous, such as the Spice Girls, who eternalized the platform versions. Then came Taylor Swift in the amazing era 1989 (title of the acclaimed studio album), using models with embroidered designs and tone enhancement. Later, Lorde, dancing in the Green Light video with a classic sporty. It is worth even mentioning Zendaya and the BLACKPINK divas. All the best, right?

Then we cut to 2022 in order to mention the #backtoschool that participates in the nostalgia movement of TikTok. Successful sports shoes are white, but thanks to the influences of street style and the aesthetics of various artists of current music, multicolors coordinated to this tone are being coveted! Mainly to raise up the style of other timelines that are still on the radar, such as the Y2K (which has Dua Lipa as a protagonist, with all that pink and violet), recalling the technology and culture of the early 2000s.

E Olivia Rodrigo, obviously! She is the reason back to school is so desired nowadays for having incorporated in its musical debut references of movies from the 90's/2000's!

Did you see? Many references that, joining a little from here and a little from there, reinforce how sports represent the new transitions of fashion and pop culture.

Turning the old into a multi-generational trending topic!

High top!

Zooming in on boot-like sneakers, you could get the message that #backtoschool is about nostalgia, right? And that, currently, the focus is on those with a differentiated mix of colors that reigns in the current street style and that, at the same time, contemplates the screen style! Like the constant reinventing of Y2K (which we mentioned above). And the logomania is right there, close to the sole, for you to reveal that you love Moleca so deeply much!!

Extra point: model that brings together logomania and the exclusivity of the detail in velcro.

Color effect

Fair enough to talk about the colors! After all, sneakers are now daring!

You may have already heard the term color blocking which is nothing more than coordinating colors in blocks. It is associated with looks, but sneakers have begun to adopt it, highlighting those that are the trend of each season. And the multicolors of the moment also involve a vibrant color chart, which makes us happy and willing to dance a looooot: green, pink, orange and jeans! The perfection that also enhances the look, huh

Extra point: slip on in the mustard tone to change a bit, right, girls!!!

Liked it? Enjoy and choose the sporty shoe full of attitude, inspired by our playlist (which is ready for the time to create the look with the BFFs!!).

Did you see? All together and mixed so that your look becomes the next viral!

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