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>MOLECA HQ | 06.04.2022

Check out Moleca HQ\'s crushes

See here the 3 models most liked by fans on the brand's social networks.

Moleca's shoes are successful in screen style (the fashion of social networks) and street style for several reasons: they display the main fashion trends, express an authentic style for all ages, raise the outfit and the mood, and are not produced with animal origin. Besides comfort and, also, share the woman's current routine.

But there are always some models that conquer a little more than special place in our productions and in our hearts, right? And Moleca shows you the options that are the likes' champions, and it is difficult to choose only one. Come with us, that we tell all the details!

On the podium: Classic flat

There's no competition, this model has definitely conquered a captive space in our life. After all, they translate versatility, in tune with several environments and everyday situations, called workleisure style. This flat fits perfectly in this new moment, with an energizing tone, and at the same time, delivers that comfort that we do not give up, right?

And the flat that consumers love brings together ribbon applications, which have been making the look of women in the digital environment and in real life.

2nd place: Fashionista flat

Ahhh, that flat, hard not to surrender to their style, isn't it? It is a fashion that has already completely adhered to our outfits, with a hint of glitter and striking buckles that we women love!  It combines with work productions, leisure ones, in fact, with eeeverything!

Moleca's models are iconic for their fashion with easy fit, in functional colors that have been standing out in our day to day! And, look: this flat is a darling of influencer and personal friend Virginia Fonseca (@Virginia)!

3rd place: Rainbow slide

And last but not least, the slide with colorful stripes! Another great highlight of this season, occupying the post of models with modern design and at the same time with a hint of relaxation. With this product, you will always be well dressed because this rainbow effect is to get attention, huh?

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Did you like it? So, run to @moleca_official and check out other must-see crushes of the feminine look.



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