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>MOLECA HQ | 09.08.2022

Hey, girl! We have new arrivals Moleca reaching the stores!

The most amazing releases have rhinestones, laser cuts, and wonderful bags. Come check them out!

Besides the design, style, details, and what is trendy, what else influences you when you choose your Moleca? With us, quality and comfort are always taken into account when building your new BFF. This includes boosting a sustainable attitude among our fans. Proof of this is the #musthave footwear of the time that has strongly arrived on the list of novelties, revealing breathtaking trends for a super-fashionable outfit, full of comfort and for every moment.

Platform, which has a structured look and a square toe, providing to it-girls refreshing and Instagrammable looks. Now, it comes in a new shade: Sicilian green.

Ballet Flats, the classic friend that is always up for hanging out, featuring a nude shade and the minimalism of the laser cut. For you to update your collection with a contemporary look.,

For those who don't want to parade around discreetly, rhinestones are there to brighten up any proposal. It can be found on ballet flats, flats e crossbody bags, which achieve further contrast among perfect shades: the exclusive coral elegance and the indispensable black.

Speaking of bags, they are here to represent all tastes and personalities. So make sure you order your favorite one before they run out of stock: options that can be carried on the shoulder and that have a structured design. Including the essentials: bucket bag and baguette bag, which translate the fashion of the 1990s and early 2000s.

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Moleca always has novelties waiting for you. Just choose your favorite duo, go out to nail it, and post the look of the day on the hashtag #euamoMoleca? #IloveMoleca

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