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>MOLECA HQ | 13.10.2022

Explosive combination

Moleca gets into the trend of the moment and distributes positive vibes with the shining color palette in all its designs. Come and color your best version!

Fashion has never been so colorful, fun, and, why not say it, free! But it hasn't always been this way. In a not-so-distant past, people thought long and hard before daring. Betting on the blend of prints, bright textures in the morning, no way! Intense shades? Only with moderation... Now go to the current scenario: fashionistas have extended the flag of casualness in the way of dressing, allowing a range of possibilities with a happy mood, that makes you look like you are straight out of a pop music video.

Don't you feel like that yet? Then it's time to get into the fashion styles that make you feel like you're floating, smiling freely, and triggering an immediate state of joy. This phenomenon is possible and is gaining more and more followers. A look with high doses of vibrant colors - with an emphasis on "without moderation" - promises to give you a dopamine boost. It is exactly this set of trendy shades that will sharpen your creativity to create fantasy-inspired outfits, and energize you with good feelings.


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Fashion and, of course, celebrities, have already taken over this festive consciousness and have brought to the catwalks & red carpets, collections, and looks with breathtaking palettes and references in escapism and youthful enthusiasm. The saying 'opposites attract' has never made more sense than it does now. It will be quite common to preview outfits based on the chromatic circle. The novelty lies in joining modulations, which defy the conventional dress code and heat up what may be warm.

Mixed salad

 Moleca has gone from head to toe in this authentic vibe and proves here its amazing fusion in shoes and handbags. The mix&match may surprise you, girl! Choose which dynamic duos touch your heart:


Green + blue

Green (in the shade emerald green) has already been named the it trend of 2021 by Pantone, and blue is on the list of the best colors of 2023. Through the original eyes of Moleca, you have different versions of these shades, such as mint and jeans. Versatile, they are a match and ensure full personality to the fashion girls.

Pink + neon yellow

One of the most frequently copied duos on the street style. They seem to awaken a certain magnetism and help raise the level of the outfit. Here, you can still play with a variety of nuances, from mauve pink, softer, to hot pink and Sicilian shade, the novelties from Moleca. You can coordinate them on the clothes or bet everything on the perfect pair: shoes + handbag.

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Green + pink

This classic is always popping up. It is so trendy that it gets renewed every season and can also be applied with different variations of the same color. Moleca brings flats, fisherman sandals, and bags in the new color palette with shades of mint, mauve pink, and glossy pink.

Jeans + coral elegance

The casual outfit gains the companion (in the best ladylike style) of pieces in the combination of jeans and coral elegance. The two shades are super feminine and give a soft and easy chic signature to the composition.

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By the way, remember that this color party invades the entire collection! Ballet flats, slides, flatbeds, espadrilles, wedges, platforms, sneakers, mini bag, and the round bag (the bag with an oval shape) are some of the delicacies from Moleca's collections for you to match a different duet each day of the week.


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